Last Night all my joints hurt, I was haveing trouble hearing, My head hurt, I was nausous, my throat hurt and i had a fever, so i stayed home to day and my day went like this: sleep, watch vlogbrothers, watch hankgames, watch hankgames, watch other videos I'm subscribed to the makers of, sleep, more vlogbrother, get ice cream, more vlogbrothers, cover a box in wrapping paper while watching vlogbrothers, sleep, eat dinner, and finally watch more vlogbrothers. Right now I'm watching more vlogbrothers, soon I'll probably go to bed, but i still feel like I'm on fire. So how was everyone's day?

I hope it was better than mine.



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Comment by Psychonautslog on May 25, 2011 at 8:14am
Sounds like a case for paracetamol...

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