Star Trek Movie Review from a Non-Trekkie

Star Trek has, I have to admit this, always been there in my life, but it was never a huge part. I know the old movies and I know some of the old tv show stuff. This was all due to my brother who used to be in love with Star Trek. I never got interested in Star Trek, because I was and still am more interested in the Fantasy and not so much Sci-Fi.

Recently I have started to watch the Star Trek - The new generation, because I am getting slightly bored with Fantasy and decided to have a look into Sci-Fi and since I know Star Wars already, I decided to go on with Star Trek. The point of me telling is, is just to make clear, that I really don't have a total insight of the Star Trek universe, I only scratched the surface. That said, on to the real topic, the review of the new Star Trek movie, which by the way, came out two days ago, since I live in Germany.

(Includes some occasional spoilers)

I was exicted to see a new version of Star Trek, since I am a fan of speical effects, and those were well executed in the TV-Shows that I knew, but of course, not up to date. I was not disappointed.

I was also looking forward to it, because I am always interested in how things started.

The first few I don't know how many minutes, I was rather annoyed. I do like time jumps (3 years later, 5 years later blabla), but 3 in such a short time, was too much for me, since the first too were rather short.

It was interesting to see Kirk as a young rebell. Even more interesting was Spoke, since I hadn't know that he was half human and I enjoyed seeing his journey (short but still there) through that struggle of being controlled by emotions, but wanting to be controlled by logic at the same time. Another thing that took my by surprise was the relationship between Spock and Uhura. I didn't know they used to date, or rather be a couple! To be honest, I thought they are a hot couple!

I also enjoyed that the movie had his comical moments, since I felt like they were also always there in the TV-Shows and was happy not to miss out on some occasional joke.

I was not bothered that much with this whole jumping through time with a black hole thing, since I like the idea of it. The only thing that confused me was if Nero's ship had on the spot appeared in front of the USS Kelvin, which if it did, would be very weird.

All in all, I would say the movie was very enjoyabel to watch, the storyline was very good and the acting awesome. Zachary Quinto (Spock) almost looked like Leonard Nimoy on some occasions. It gives a good introduction in the TV-Shows and provides interesting background information. And in my opinion, they can go ahead and make a new TV-Show, or another movie!

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