OMG!! Last night I saw the most beautifully stupid sad movie ever. It was brilliant. Really. I loved it so much and cried a Whole. Stinkin. Bunch. Like no joke. I started crying at the first Van Houten scene because it was sad how upset Hazel was getting. When Gus told Hazel about the cancer, I bawled. Out of all of our group, one of my friends and I were the only ones crying so we moved to sit next to each other and bawled for the last 10 minutes at least of the movie. It was so much like the book and it was beautifully made. All of the scenes were just beautiful. I know I’m saying beautiful a lot but it really was.
      I also want to talk about the movie experience. Can I just say it is AWESOME to be in a room full of sobbing girls? When the title came on the screen, everyone clapped. When Augustus and Hazel kissed in the Anne Frank House, everyone clapped. There was at least one other time where the audience collectively applauded as a group. It was amazing knowing that I was going through this amazing and depressing experience with fellow Nerdfighters and TFiOS fangirls. My friends and I (there were 9 in total) talked to the girls behind us before it started and during the movie I turned around while sobbing and consoled the girl sitting behind me who was also sobbing. I loved it. Beautiful. Nerfighteria really is a place full of beautiful and awesome people.
      Thank you to John Green for writing such an amazing story that touches the hearts of millions, including mine.

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Comment by Autumn Brooke Elaine on June 12, 2014 at 2:57pm

I'm not saying that it's a movie only girls can enjoy, just that the movie theater was mainly filled with teenage girls. I wished that my guy friends would be willing to go see it with me but I know they would hate me if they saw it because of me...

Comment by The Cherry on June 12, 2014 at 11:04am
I can't wait to watch it. Your blog makes me want to explode with impatience :' ) I live in India, I have no idea if it's released here..
Comment by Mark Smith on June 11, 2014 at 3:19am

I'm a guy and I find this offensive :)

well I didn't cry or sob but it really touched my heart in a charming way

Comment by Sarah Leia Atkinson on June 7, 2014 at 4:34pm

I was talking with the african american girl next to me, (I know, I'm awful for talking during the movie), and I think it was while Augustus was saying how he was sick that she turned around and just started laughing, so I ask her whats so funny, and she's like, "look behind you, I'm the only black person here" and I do, and it's just a sea of white girls. We laughed rudely during the sad part. Seriously though, it was really good and my face got weird.

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