So I just came back from watching The Fault In Our Stars and I loved it. I was absolutely amazed at how accurate the movie was comparing it to the book. Only a slight change in the plot but over all I was in love with it.

I did (almost) cry during the movie. I mean almost in the most sincere way. I would ball my eyes out if I could, but I just don't like it when I cry in public (personal thing.) I was scared that the movie wasn't going to be as good as the book. But I think that the Movie was just as good as the Book but not better.

As we all know from John Green's vlog postings of the TFIOS Movie, he cried and laughed and loved the movie. I do agree with him that Hollywood does not always portray the book that it is based on. But in this case I loved the way they portrayed the characters in the Movie.

Go see the TFIOS Movie as soon as possible.

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Comment by Sarah Leia Atkinson on June 7, 2014 at 6:36am


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