Anyone get what song I’m referencing?

Posted my info stuff in the nerdfighterlike group. It was a little demoting that that’s what I’m doing. plus I’m only 14 and about to get new people in the freshmen class in high school, meaning that there are many more chances to meet people and that I’m 14 I’m young still a kid I don’t need a boyfriend at all. personally I think it’s pointless to date unless you have a car because then you have to do the whole chaperoning thing and have your parents drive you places and that just plain weird. I guess I like the idea of a boyfriend but what can I do if I get one? Chances are he’s nowhere close to me and that it the whole relationship will be emails and chats filled with awkward pauses.

Looking at this I guess that I only did it seeing if anyone would contact me. I don’t really care either way, but it would still be really cool knowing that one someone read your post and two thinks you might be really cool. It’s just an experiment I’m doing I guess if I’m not taking it seriously, kind of just for fun

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