The Alligator River Story

There lived a woman named Abigail who was in love with a man named Gregory. Gregory lived on the shore of a river. Abigail lived on the opposite shore of the same river. The river that separated the two lovers was teeming with dangerous alligators. Abigail wanted to cross the river to be with Gregory. Unfortunately, the bridge had been washed out by a heavy flood the previous week. So she went to ask Sinbad, a riverboat captain, to take her across. He said he would be glad to if she would consent to go to bed with him prior to the voyage. She promptly refused and went to a friend named Ivan to explain her plight. Ivan did not want to get involved at all in the situation. Abigail felt her only alternative was to accept Sinbad's terms. Sinbad fulfilled his promise to Abigail and delivered her into the arms of Gregory. When Abigail told Gregory about her amorous escapade in order to cross the river, Gregory cast her aside with disdain. Heartsick and rejected, Abigail turned to Slug with her tale of woe. Slug, feeling compassion for Abigail, sought out Gregory and beat him brutally. Abigail was overjoyed at the sight of Gregory getting his due. As the sun set on the horizon, people heard Abigail laughing at Gregory.


THE EXERCISE: After reading the story, rank the five (5) characters in the story beginning with the one whom you consider as the "most offensive" and end with the one whom you consider the "least objectionable." That is, the character who seems to be the most reprehensible to you should be entered first in the list following the story, then the second most reprehensible, and so on, with the least reprehensible or objectionable being entered fifth. Very briefly note why you rank them in the order that you do.

So from most offensive to least objectionable, I think the following:

Sinbad - He could've done it for free, or as a favor, or asked a smaller price. But he knew that he'd get laid/ruin the relationship/cause problems. And he caused the spiral of shit that went down.

Abigail - Really didn't have to sleep with Sinbad. She could've waited or tried harder to get someone else to help her. Or is Ivan the only other person on that side of the river? And then she took joy in her man getting beat up.

Gregory - Didn't do a damn thing to get to Abigail or help her get to him. Did he want to see her or not? Or was he sleeping around himself and liked that she was across the river?

Slug - Really didn't have to beat up Gregory, but at least he was a better friend than Ivan. And maybe he wanted her to like him, and thought he'd be manly.

Ivan - Didn't do anything. Probably felt like he couldn't talk her out of it either. Maybe he wanted her to herself, but was too shy to ask. In any case, he didn't do anything.

Everyone's answer will be different, as it should be. Let me know your list from worst to least worst and why you think so.

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