The Fault in a Dead David-ogriff on Fire Being Eaten by a Woolen Dinosaur

Once more, a veritable feast of exquisite images!

Quite wonderful! I never cease to be amazed by what you guys make.

A great likeness, and quite apt too!

Nicely done! An uncommon breed, but a hippogriff nonetheless.

It's so cute and fiery!

No need for evidence of creator of this image, eh? }8¬P An excellent rendering!

I can't wait to see him in Hank's videos. }8¬D

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Comment by Clara The Ukeleleing FREEDOM on January 16, 2012 at 4:29pm

Okay, the title made me laugh so hard that my face is now in intense pain. (I'm just kidding, but it did make me laugh A LOT.)

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