In which Hank and John and Katherine walk around Dublin and Hank thinks about how we are all but a part of a magnificent continuum that stretches back around four billion years...depending on how you think about it.

Dublin was beautiful and exciting and careful and thoughtful and I really wish I could have spent more time there. It was pretty hard to choose what thoughts I've had to turn into this video...I had about seven ideas for Thoughts from Places videos...that's just what being on a trip like this does to you. There's so much to think about! Too bad we're DEAD TIRED!

But this idea was overwhelmingly interesting to me, and has hit me really hard on this trip. I also got to see Charles Darwin's grave who was the man who figured out that just as individuals are a continuum of events, life is a continuum of species, all inter-related. A city is a series of events, ideas, constructions and occurrances, just like a human life...just like all life, and just like all culture and even all technology.

Being in a place where those continuums are more obvious (especially to someone who does not always see them) it feels very special and inspiring and exciting to be a part of the human endeavor.

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