In which John describes some of the things he can do, which do not include sorcery, curling, or dancing. He does talk about the internet, youtube, and (the real) Swindon Town.

Thought Bubble's Kickstarter:

CGP Grey:

Swindon Town Swoodilypoopers:

An example of what Gumroad can do/be: For just $3, you can have nerdfighter Rosianna Halse's beautiful meditations on grief and longing, "Abstract and Brief Chronicles of the Time," at

TFIOS Tumblr: (Password is the last word of the acknowledgements. Case sensitive.)

The Art of Fielding by Chad Harbach:
The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight by Jennifer E. Smith:
(Both excellent)
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Comment by Mia Mataja on May 17, 2012 at 5:36am

This is a really longquote by a Croatian writer Zoran Pongrasic from a book called The Hi-Fi Chair, and it goes so well with this particular vieo of yours that I just had to translate it for you.

Please read it, I think you'll love it, maybe it'll even give you an idea for a video of some sort. It's about all the useless things we can do and how good we really are at it, and how much it sucks that it's the sort of thing we don't get paid for:

"What I'm really good at, the only two jobs I really know how to do, are: first, listening to reckords of rock 'n' roll, and second, watching recordings of Formula 1 races. OK, I know there's a bunch of men who can play rock 'n' roll, just as there are men who can drive Formula 1 cars (there's quite a bit less of the second ones than the first ones, of course), but I'm simply not one of them. I did play rock 'n'roll a long time ago, though, and I may not even had been bad at it, but not nearly as good as at listening to it. On the other hand, the closest I've come to driving a F1 car, was pushing with a couple of hundred men (I haven't notice a single woman), that, just like me, wanted to take a photograph of a car on display (it's irrelevant, but it was David Coulthard's RBR a few hours before the race in Monza).

                If i think about it some more, there's probably a bunch of jobs of all sort that people of all sort know how to do perfectly, without having any use whatsoever from that knowledge. There probably are people who can ride in trams fantastically, who know exactly when the driver's gonna hit the gas (in this case, electricity), a when he's gonna hit the brake, and they never, never, while riding in the tram, dislocate a shoulder. There probably are people who know perfectly how to choose in which of seemingly the same length lines at the register to park their shopping cart. There probably are people who are awesome at tying up shoes, whose shoelaces are just perfectly balanced, and whose shoe never ever gets untied while walking.
                What, exactly, is my point? My point is, as far as needing need knowledge to do some kind of a job, there are two kinds of people in the world. The first kind knows how to install bypasses in sick hearts, or install artificial teeth, or install tiles in the bathroom, while others know how to look at the rain, or to smell mortar on the walls, or to listen to rock 'n' roll. In other words, the first kind knows how to do jobs that are appreciated, and that bring money (especially the ones with tiles and bathrooms), while the other kind is equally good, if not better, at doing jobs that are not appreci, and that don't bring money. And I happen to be a member of the second kind.
I think I've told all this to my wife  at least two times now, probably three, so now I use the shortest posible version of my answer, and say: 'I like listening to records, because I know how to do it.'"

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