Individuals shared them, the collective intelligence of Reddit sorted and vetted them, all I did was make a video putting them all in one place. The 25 Top Life Pro Tips!

The Infographics:

Here they all are (yes, I appear to have missed a bad):
Jar of Happiness - thatswhatmesaid -

Headlamp Jug Light - nickskater09 -

Whte Text With Black Background - Madiau -

Two Fingers to Upvote - jigglingpudding -

Blue Ink In A Red Pen - MiloMuggins -

Cheap Plane Tickets - tiradium -

How to Untie Any Knot - jumaklavita -

Paper CD Case - normalize -

Fill A Bucket From The Sink - mrfitzy

How To Fix Audio Levels In a Movie - army_of_dicks -

Fresh Eggs - nthensome -

Fast Essay Writing - dan81989 -

Downloading Whole Imgur Albums - Alt_f4_ -

Staple Remover For Key Rings - RuncibleSpoon18 -

Pasting Unformatted Text - rbmichael -

Ice In Water Bottles - Testicle_Festival -

Straight Charger Cords - omglikewtf -

How To Not Buy Stuff From Co-workers - CaptnSpalding -

Frozen Grapes - Tericakes -

Fixing Dinged Wooden Furniture - icametodropbombs -

Awesome Ramen - johnny_topside -

How to Not Wipe Paint On Side Of Can - [deleted] -

Google Tips - Xenoo -

Stop Spam Texts - ikonoclasm -

Expediting 911 Calls - roastedbagel -

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Comment by ZZZZZZ :The Mouse: on March 15, 2013 at 10:40pm

okay, who goes  "im gunna make me some eggs, but wait! I better fill up a container with water and make sure they're good." ..does anybody do that?  idk eggs don;t last long enough to go bad at my house. 

Comment by Jen Naumann on March 3, 2013 at 9:00am
Awesome tips!

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