Tuesday, June 2, 2009: More Or Less Awake

Okay, I am far less tired this evening, so let's get to yesterday's Navy Pier business.

Navy Pier is a pretty cool place. It appeals to a wide variety of age groups, but the section that we spent our time in was the children's museum there. They have a lot of fun stuff, such as giant dominoes, giant checkers, giant chess, a fake dinosaur dig, a waterworks area, an art area, a music area, a construction area, a firefighting exhibit, a big boat to play around in, and a system of nets to climb on. It's really quite cool. And so ended my weekend adventure with my godson. Long and fun as always.

As for today, we have a different lawn mower to temporarily use in place of our broken one while it gets repaired. It belongs to my aunt and uncle, and it operates differently then our lawn mower. The thing about it is that it does not have the ability to mulch the grass that it cuts, so the grass must be bagged as you mow. This makes the mowing process take significantly longer than usual. But at least the lawn got cut today.

Pete is staying over tonight. This is actually the first time it's been just the two of us since the school year ended. We were hoping to have Conor over as well, but it ended up not working out. Oh well. We've got an entire summer ahead of us. There will be plenty of time for the Trifecta of Doom to assemble.

So ends another one.

Thing I like about the past 24 hours: Having Pete stay over is pretty cool.
Thing I dislike about the past 24 hours: I'd have to say I slept too much today.
Song addiction of the day: Once again, I have listened to no music today.
Number of caffeinated beverages in the past 24 hours: o.

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