Valentine's is the time to be, if you wish to find something of beauty. Valentine's is the place to be, it's the one time you'll find love is free. Valentine's is a time of joy, a time whence smiles are on deploy. But this wasn't always the case, in times gone by they ran a different race. One which involved whipping ones partner, as you see the method was darker. The method perhaps different, the times they are significant. What is dark to us, is white them, who are we to argue with the wisest of men?


For the pagans knew the way, they were not clouded as we are today. Whilst the race perhaps is not the same, the meaning behind it all remains. For love, for beauty this is all they cared, and we can see how they greatly these people faired.


So when you give out your cards today, stop for a moment and have a pray. Pray to the gods who gave this tradition, thank them for your hopeful fusions, thank them also that you missed the traditional whippings.

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Comment by Dave Johnson on February 14, 2014 at 1:57pm

Boo! Hiss! Down with Thomas! <3 haha

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