I bring you greetings from the land of Dave! That's right, I renamed England after myself, what's the problem? :D.

Today Elliott and I are proud to launch the start of our Vlogging Project! Granted we do not have a name for it yet, but we are hoping you guys will have some ideas! In this project three Nerdfighters a week will post vlogs over on the Nfinfo channel about all things Nerdfighters and beyond! This is in an effort to get the community talking! We plan on having as many different Vloggers as possible bringing you varied content and are always pleased to welcome more people onto the channel. So if you want to take part then please speak up!

The project kicks off with a video from Meg Zimmerman who currently has her own channel on Youtube where she discusses things from Youtube personalities to gender issues. Future Vloggers include Adam known as TheGearsKeepTurning, Andrew from the Fellowship of the Ning colab and the debonair dimwit Elliott himself! So if youwant keeping up to date with the Project as it unfolds subscribe to be informed whenever a video is uploaded!

We are also looking for challenge ideas for our Vloggers to carry out in extra segments which we are planning to do. If you have any suggestions leave them in comments, or provide them in a message! The sillier the better, but just make sure they are safe, legal and above all realistically doable!

So for now, thanks for reading, and DFTBA!

Dave J
(Ops Admin/King of Daveland)

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Comment by Michelle on October 9, 2013 at 1:23am
Sounds like fun! I think once the blurbing book club starts up again (which I'm working on!) it ohhh be fun to blog about it occasionally. Good luck, I'll be watching!

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