In which Hank discusses why life is so terrifying, and why that's OK.

Oh, and also, we're playing Carnegie Hall:

So Charlie made this video
Which prompted these people to make these videos:
Michael Aranda

Which prompted me to make this video

And then the comments on that video made me want to make the video above.

This is especially weird because this is very similar to a video I made on HanksChannel, though spruced up for Vlogbrothers. But the real point I want to make is that making things is terrifying, and making our selves is the most terrifying creation of all, and we have to do it every single time we meet new people, which is why that's scary. But it's OK for it to be scary, because that's how you know something's worthwhile.

Also, the other point is...we're all scared. I proved it...

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