weeks 12-16 (posted January 10, 2008 on myspace)

Link to the collab channel I am part of-

I have been soooo busy that I have barely had time to update my blog.
First of-I turned 18 this week! *confetti!*. It was, shall we say, awesome. I spent the day in downtown Richmond with my dad. We went to Chop Suey Twoey...which I think is just called Chop Suey now because the original closed down. *sadface*. For all you non-Richmonders, Chop Suey is a used bookstore. The original store was in what used to be a Chinese resturant called Chop Suey...hence the unusual name.

Chop Suey sponsers a charity called Books on Wheels. Basically, a bus named Moby takes around books and bike parts to children who could otherwise not afford them. The site is No www in the front, just They accept donations of money for gas, bikes, bike parts, and of course, books.

The most exciting part is this...I get to film Books on Wheels for the 2009 Project for Awesome! *more confetii!* If you don't know what the P4A is, it's the day nerdfighters take over youtube by 1)posting videos about their favorite charities, using the same thumbnail as other nerdfighters and then 2) comment on the videos so they reach the most discussed page.
Speaking of nerdfighters, Hank Green released his new album, So Jokes! I got this album back in "Nerdport" News for the 2008 Tour De Nerdfighting (Signed by Hank!)
you can get it here-

I've got to go to the gym! ttfn!
DFTBA and best wishes!
PS: I have photos of my trip to Florida up! YAY!
PSS: The charity I used for the 2008 P4A can be found at my youtube channel

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