Oh nooooo. My English is not good at all. English is my worst subject at school. But.. I am going to try to write my first blog. Wish me luck. :(
Today was one of the best days of 2009. I went to school to hear if I am graduated or not.. I was a little bit nervous ofcourse but everybody except one person is graduated. :D I was/am so excited. :D
After school I went to the "surfplas" => lake to chill with my schoolmates. Next week is my graduation ceremony and I am a little bit nervous about it. After the ceremony we are going to eat something in a restaurant. That is also the last time that our class is together.

Because I am dutch we have other school systems, so I did MBO. I was searching on the internet and Google told me that the translation of MBO is vocacional education. We didn't have college or something. It is a lot of practice and traineeships. Now I am going to the HBO. That is something like higher vocacional education. It is not really University or someting. It is one step lower, but OK. xD
So, I am going to study Business Economics for the during of four years.. :)

Tomorrow I am going to the beach with more than 20 people and to a graduation-party. :D I love it!
Buhbye. ^^

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