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At 7:06am on February 20, 2012, Jessica Lynn Steele said…


Sounds great! Just let me know. I know how it can be during a moving process.

At 1:00pm on January 29, 2012, Benjamin E said…

Hey, you’re back! Did you manage to save any lives for me? =p For my part, I’ve located your stolen hippo – yeah, turns out he wasn’t dead, just wondered in one day to get out of the sun. Go figure. Anyway, I’ll take him to the Post Office tomorrow, ship him back to you. =p
Speaking of Post Office, I’d be your ‘snail mail pal’! I mean, so long as that doesn’t mean we’d have to stop chatting via the Ning and wait for the postman to be along. =p
Ah, the old classics, eh? I’m sure not everyone in Australia is called Bruce…just enough to make it hilarious, that is. XD Is that you’re kind of comedy then, Monty Python and the like?
God, to be honest I’m surprised – I’d be 6ft under if I’d had a week of that! I’m not a huge fan of musicals, but Avenue Q has always sounded hilarious to me…but then, that’s my kind of comedy; dark and possibly offensive. XD
Congratulations on surviving the week of night shift! Are you all set for the drive? Are you going to be back with your folks for a bit, or are you to be living nearby? Not sure what side of the fence you stand on with the man upstairs – faith and whatnot – but if you tell me when you’ll be driving, with your permission, I’ll say a prayer for you.

Not a big deal, just a quick “Hey God, remember this? None of that. Thanks.” XD

You could always attach the car to hundreds of balloons and float the car home – save the epic drive, but it would probably cost a mint with all the helium and stuff. =D I’ve heard old people can take a whole year of their retirement to drive around Australia…because of the size of the country, not just because old people can’t make it past 20mph. It’s the sort of scale I can’t really comprehend easily…I mean, John O’ Groats to Land’s End is only 16 hours by car, and that’s our entire country. London to Manchester – considered a very long way by most Brits – is in reality just 5 hours’ drive.
As for me, I’ve finished with my postgrad course – done with education, fully qualified and FREE! XD I’m going to get and do some traveling AT LAST, walk in the world properly. Other than that, I’ve been spending more than enough time in the pub with college people morning (see: celebrating) the death of all those shorthand classes. =)

At 4:25am on January 28, 2012, Benjamin E said…

Hey hen - hope all is well with you, and that the night shift hasn't killed you. =) A friend showed me this video about Australia, made me think of you - not entirely sure thats a good thing, but hey. XD

At 1:35pm on January 22, 2012, Benjamin E said…

PART 2 - 'On pets and Time Travel' =p

I did have – my turn to share a story of child me =p – my best friend for the first 9 years of my life was our Dog. Her name was Chu-Chu…and yes, don’t laugh, she was a Chihuahua. =p I know people think of them as yappy little beasts, but she was never like that. I own two ‘real’ photographs, just two – one is of my Grandfather, the other is of her.
I would definitely get another dog, should the chance present itself. I’m hugely allergic to cats – no doubt part of my deep distrust – but dogs I’m fine with. Yours sound wonderful, by the way – my Auntie’s dog Jess sounds just like your little one; she’ll bound around the fields with us till nightfall when we go up to visit.
Ed was great – he really reminded me of Heward, as it goes! Odd, for sure, but sweet and sincere and perhaps a little bit autistic. See, my people are trying to take over – Mwahahaha!
If I’m working this out right – sending this message at 20:30 GMT – you should receive it at roughly 05:30 tomorrow morning…which it currently is, for you.
Well, good morning, hope you slept well. =p Or are you about to go to bed, then going on night shift tonight…which will be when I wake up, only it will be morning? This is all very confusing – I’ll just say you’re a time traveller, makes things easier. =) Whichever it is, best of luck on nights; go save a life for me. =)

At 1:33pm on January 22, 2012, Benjamin E said…

Lol, yeah, I’ve seen Sherlock’s blog – the famous list of “different kinds of cigarette ash” has been deleted! If it was ever there at all…shame. =( I remember when Doctor Who was in its third series, they set up a whole website for ‘Harold Saxon,’ they’re good at stuff like that.
They don’t seem to have much luck, do they? I love how Fillion kept getting Firefly references into ‘Castle’ – you might not have seen it, but he actually appeared fully dressed up as Mal Reynolds once. XD
Don’t worry, they’ll work it out – they’re Merlin and Arthur, after all! I know it’ll be traumatic for a while, but Gwen and Gaius will be able to shrug and say “what, you didn’t know? Yeah, Merlin; wizard. Weird, huh?”
I think in the end, Arthur will just be in shock after finding out that Merlin isn’t completely useless after all. XD
I think Gawain became my favourite after I first heard the tale of the Green Knight – a story which might come up, since Gawain is a Knight of Camelot now! However, after that, I always imagined Gawain himself to wear really cool green armour.
Aw, that is pretty damn cute. I just wanted to be an astronaut when I was little, like most boys. =D But hey, so long as we uphold the virtues of Camelot – honesty, nobility, chivalry – then to my mind, we can call ourselves modern day Knights of the Round Table, just waiting for our leader to return.
After all, when the time comes – when the bell tolls from the cloisters (see where DW got the ‘Cloister Bell’ from?) of Avalon – the once and future King will return. An interesting historical point of fact; every potential heir to the throne of England who has been named ‘Arthur’ has died before they could claim their crown. Coincidence? I think not!
Well I’m glad about that – can’t be excluding the rest of the world. =p Speaking of Northern Ireland, the news has gone MENTAL since my last message. Two bombs went off in Londonderry AND three babies on a paediatric ward died from some monster bug. =( From the sound of things, Ireland needs good nurses right now.
*Sound of Pip packing a case and bolting to the airport at 100mph – on foot*
Seriously though, I did think ‘well done Pip’ – the news about the babies was awful, but it’s a cheerful thought that your training will help hundreds of little ones into the world in the long run. =) God, the poor woman! I can’t blame her for being in hysterics, what a thing to hear from your child! Then again, I suppose when you marry someone you have to go in with your eyes fully open, to their profession as well as everything else.
That said, if I’d been that Doctor, I’d have booked a few months leave – stat!
(That’s right, isn’t it; you folks say ‘stat’? They said it in Scrubs…behold the limits of my medical expertise. XD)

This might be me making myself look really stupid, but here it goes – you mean to say, you don’t have Squirrels in Australia? Spitting caterpillars, but no Squirrels? How very odd.
You must have more magic in you than I do – as you can see, it was the best I could manage to take a whimsical photo by the famous wall. Trust me, there are other photos, documenting my attempts to pass through the barrier; these photos are less composed, and shall not appear on the Ning anytime soon. =p
Oh GOD! They lost a hippo. I’m sorry, who looks at a hippo and thinks ‘I’ll have that’? I just got this wonderful mental image of a group of security guys stood around befuddled while an even larger group of villains are lifting the stuffed hippo away – complete breakdown. X’D I just can’t see anyone pinching the Blue Whale skeleton out of the Natural History Museum. Baker Street would also be a must; you know they have a Holmes museum at 221B, right?

At 10:53am on January 20, 2012, Benjamin E said…

Oh, and PS -

You'll never guess what I got to do today!

I was interviewing Ed Miliband - the leader of the Labour Party! The head of the opposition in the House of Commons, and I got to chat to him, ask some heavy political questions - it was AWESOME!!!!! XD

Anyway, hope you had a great day too, whatever you got up to. =)

At 10:49am on January 20, 2012, Benjamin E said…

I know, right? Can’t wait to see him as Bilbo, I think he’ll be awesome. On the subject of Watson, I found his blog the other day! You know, the one they talk about in the show? Turns out the BBC have put a fake one together; it makes for a very funny read. I’ll put a link in below, but be warned – the latest posts are obviously full of spoilers!

Ah my Uther and Giles show – the dialogue would be second to none, wouldn’t it?
U “I’ll not tolerate Magic in my flat…”
G “Oh, bother…quick, hide the Gourd.”
Would probably go on like that for some while. Hey, if you’d watch it, I’ll pitch it to the BBC…probably AFTER Silver has made its run and done really well. Why do I get the feeling that this will be my Firefly? Canned in the first season, heartbroken fans worldwide going to conventions in Anthony Head masks… XD
Uther was awesome, but fear not – at some point, Arthur will know the truth about Agravain’s deception. I did think it was awesome when Uther leapt out of his chair one last time to save Arthur; it was sort of a Sirius Black, “get away from my Godson” moment. Loved it. =)
I’m a bit of a sucker for Arthurian legend myself – I mean, not to give away plot points, but the word ‘Excalibur’ does feature prominently in my Universe. It all started when we were little, all the stories we were read came from a couple of old books about Arthur and his Knights and the rise and fall of Camelot – and on that, I totally agree – they should have killed Lancelot when they had the chance! Wife stealing son of a…*ehem*...witch. XD Plus, he was responsible for Gawain’s death, and he was always my favourite character in the stories.
When I was little – before I started thinking in any great depth about my Universe – when I wrote, it would always be something to do with King Arthur, or Merlin or Gawain. I can remember wanting to write my own epic retelling of the Grail quest after watching the third Indiana Jones film. XD
I know exactly what you mean. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve loved the idea of climbing Mt. Everest ever since I was told I couldn’t – which probably isn’t the sanest thought in the world, but oh well – but it fascinates and baffles me that people are just abandoned up there, left to die and never even recovered for burial. It’s sad and so very alien to our collective moral compass, to how the world should be. I’ve not climbed anything before, not really, and I can’t see myself ever going to Everest, but if I did…maybe I’m naïve, but I can’t see myself pushing for the summit and leaving a fellow climber to die.
John married a Nurse, and now they have two wonderful, cute, sorcery-having children. XD Oh, I see now – so you’re looking to marry a Doctor with a Belfast accent. =p I hope you’re not ruling the rest of us out completely. In all seriousness, my friend’s girlfriend (who is also a nurse; strange, eh?) just moved to Northern Ireland the other day, and TODAY we get news that two bombs have gone off in Londonderry. =( Scary stuff. Still, the worse off a place is, the more it needs Doctors and Nurses.
I’ve never been to Gloucestershire…well, technically I have, but passing through on a train at 150mph on my way to Birmingham. The blur outside the window did always look very nice, mind you. XD Have you spent much time in London? It sound like if you do make it back to the UK, I’ll have to show you all the weird and wonderful parts of the capital that the guidebooks don’t tell you about.
Oh, that’s a question! Say you had one day in London; instant transport, no jetlag or anything, what would you want to do/see?
Oh God! Sorry, I can’t help but laugh out loud at that bit – “sitting in the dirt outside for lunch, avoiding the tree with the caterpillars that spit at you.”
You have caterpillars spitting at you? Where else in the world but Australia, eh? =D If you’ve ever heard of Karl Pilkington – a very stupid and funny man – he has a theory on why Australia has all the world’s weirdest animals…

Hey, think of it this way; if we’re both already mad, we’d be guaranteed to wake up poets. =D I’m most certainly a dog person – cats always strike me as being sneaky – and I genuinely never saw a single Manx cat on my visit. =( Though there are sanctuaries on the island. I’ll upload some of my Isle of Man photos to my page in a bit; please don’t judge me harshly, I don’t have any level of skill with a camera. =D Like I said, one good picture – ever. =p

At 12:48pm on January 16, 2012, Benjamin E said…

(Part 2 - had to cut that comment in half, not sure why.)

If you ever make it back to the UK, you’ve got to go on a Star Walk (not the proper name) in Scotland. I’ve been before, you go out to where the light pollution is zero and stargaze…it’s nothing short of incredible. I’d be here all night describing it to you, and still not do it justice. People that have gone on Star Walks further north in the Highlands have claimed to see the lights, and I’d love to see if it’s true. =)
France! God, I’ve been there… =/ Went to Paris in the middle of summer; it was so hot at night I ended up trying to sleep in a bath of cold water. Apart from the roaming packs of dogs, the homicidal scooter riders and getting so bored I resorted to racing bottle caps in my hotel room sink, it was my favourite holiday ever…! *sobs*
CADER-EFFING-IDRIS! You’re the first person I’ve spoken to outside of my family who know what that is! I doubt there would be much risk in me waking up a madman; the words ‘ship’ and ‘sailed’ spring to mind. XD
I’m not mad, honestly, I just regenerated this way… =p

At 12:47pm on January 16, 2012, Benjamin E said…

Thank you, I try. =) Hopefully my Fallout script will measure up to all of that…not that I’ve shown it to anyone yet. I’ll build up to that, slowly. XD On that subject, YES, jump in at 3 – 1 and 2 have long gone out of production, and you’d be hard pressed to find a computer that will play them.
If you enjoy the original Conan-Doyle books, you’ll love this last series of Sherlock. Two of the best stories have been made into episodes; ‘The Hounds of Baskerville’ is 2 and the finale, ‘The Reichenbach Fall,’ went out last night. No spoilers, but it absolutely blew me away. If you’re seeing Game of Shadows tomorrow, watch out for Stephen Fry as Mycroft! Not sure who I prefer in the role, him or Mark Gatiss. Still, if we’re comparing film and TV adaptations, Jude Law can’t hold a candle to Martin Freeman. He will forever be John Watson to me now. =D
Ah, ok, I’ll tread lightly with Merlin then. Still, if you know Lancelot comes back, you must have seen the episode where Uther dies. =( I was like “Noooo, GILES!!!” We’ll have to chat awesome season finale when you get there. =p
I’m thinking of proposing a spin-off show to the beeb, a sitcom in which Giles from Buffy and King Uther have to share a London flat. Starring Anthony Head and Anthony Head, canned laughter, live studio audience…it would be awful. XD
That’s the thing – the heat. It’s something I’ll have to learn to cope with. I want to hike Zion National Park in the States, and visit all the Fallout: New Vegas locations in the Mojave region. Then again, there are plenty of cooler areas I need to see; the American east coast, Alaska (hey, snap! =D) and all the LoTR/Hobbit filming locations in New Zealand.
Then again, if I beat my little brother to Ayers Rock, it will really piss him off. It can’t get that hot in the outback, can it? ;) Aside from all those, I was also told as a 10-year-old boy that I’d never climb Mt. Everest, due to my lungs being second rate…well, we’ll see about that. =D
I’m not sure how long I could work in paediatrics before I got in trouble for cuddling my patients. XD John – the guy who is going to Africa – has a little girl (Kez, age 2) and a boy, Caleb, who must be almost 6 months. I’m going to miss them so much when they go, they really are adorable.
As an expert on paediatrics, perhaps you could tell me – how is it that all semblances of masculinity and education can go out the window, and be replaced by “Naw, whose a little Kezzy wezzy woo?” =p
I did study history during my three years at Kent Uni, not anymore though. I specialised in ancient history; mainly Celtic Ireland & Scotland and Anglo Saxon England. I also did my dissertation on the Crusades.
Now I’m doing my postgrad in journalism and broadcasting. The thing is, I really don’t want to be a journalist. We’re having a big upheaval in the UK at the moment – everything dodgy the press has done in the past 20 years is coming out in the Levinson Enquiry. Despite it all, our tutor told us to ‘leave our morals at the door’ if we wanted to get anywhere. =/ Beggars belief, doesn’t it?
Still, I can use the training to write pieces as a freelance journalist while I travel. The big thing for me is the broadcasting part – I really want to see if I’ve got what it takes to write for TV and film. =)
Oh yeah, sorry about that – I’m sure it makes little difference now, but I’d like to take this opportunity to formally apologise on behalf of her majesty for leaving you stranded with so many spiders and whatnot. =p You’ve been over here before? Where did you study? Did you get to see much of the old place?
I’d also love to go to Ireland – I’ve seen it once, while standing on Port Erin beach on the Isle of Man, and I was very much tempted to swim over and visit. Our family is Irish on my mum’s side, so I’m thinking maybe it was my roots calling me home. =D (By the way, if you’re interested in Celtic History, check out the Isle of Man! Epic place, I’ll have to upload some of my photos from the place so you can see.)

At 1:44pm on January 13, 2012, Benjamin E said…

You’re welcome; I’m sure someone here must speak Welsh. Maybe there is a group for Welsh Nerdfighters?
Sherlock has been awesome in Series 2; you’ll never believe how the stand-off at the swimming pool gets resolved. I’ll warn you though, be prepared to get completely immersed in the storyline, then realise that there won’t be a third series for at least three years. =(

As it turns out, both Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman will be busy with The Hobbit films until Christmas 2013.

It’s true, we’re doing pretty well with our TV at the moment; Merlin has become one of my favourite shows. Have you seen the most recent series? I don’t want to start going on about “How awesome was it when…” if I’m going to be dropping huge spoilers. Needless to say though, I love the way Colin Morgan & Bradley James can act and bounce off each other. Brilliant.
I can see why that would irritate; I know people in America who saw David Tennent in ‘The Next Doctor’ one day, then saw Matt Smith in ‘The Eleventh Hour’ and thought, hang on…what? They skipped the specials. =(

God I’d hate that. =D I mean, I hike in the great outdoors, where the most dangerous native fauna could be a cow, or at worst, an irate Wasp that decides it wants your cola. The swimming tends to be in a nice, heated, indoor pool; no freezing water, no pike swimming around with you. =) I take it you survived ‘Harry & Potter’s Fundamentals of Nursing’, being a nurse and all. But no, I don’t doubt it spelt the end for said spider.
There is so much natural beauty in Australia; it would be a shame if I never walked there. Still, I’d want to be armed to the teeth with bug spray and, given the size of the critters, possibly a semi-automatic rifle. I’m just worried I’d spend half my time yelling “Argh, what the fu*k is THAT?!”

What about you? Do you ever feel the urge to escape from Australia, walk the world for a spell? It might upset that full-time job, but still. =D And on that note, being a nurse – how cool is that? And you want to specialise in paediatrics? My friend John is a paediatrician, currently training to go to Africa with the church; needless to say, the man loves his work.
My favourite thing about my Universe? I guess the characters. I really believe that the key to great TV is making the viewer care for the characters as much as you do. When one of them goes through trauma – or worse, gets killed off – you feel it. I do, anyway.
I work on an episode until I think it’s awesome, but there are some that even I’m astounded that I wrote. =) For Sci-Fi epicness, the two-part finale of Season 2 would be one of my favourite episodes. The space battle to end all space battles, with twists and turns and ‘I-did-not-see-that-coming’ moments aplenty. I can imagine people watching it on TV, jumping and cheering one moment and sobbing their hearts out the next…
…honestly, I’m my own biggest fanboy. XD

If you pick up a copy of Fallout 3 OR Fallout New Vegas, you’ll never regret it. Promise. And you’ll be in the know when my Fallout movies hit the big screen. ;)
Then again, you’ll also miss hours of work, which might annoy your patients somewhat. XD

At 1:17pm on January 11, 2012, Benjamin E said…

Drop bears? Sorry, that one sailed right over my head. =D
Maen yr Athronydd? A quick Google search tells me that’s the first book. I’m sure Welsh would be one hell of a difficult language to learn, but I really do hope you get there; you never know, there may not be many Welsh-speaking folk in Australia, but I bet there are plenty in Nerdfighteria.
I think I agree with you about Joss – poor guy has suffered for his art, (I hear Nathan Fillion still cries himself to sleep) plus Moffat has lost serious points since he delayed Who’s seventh series till the Autumn. Then again, the man did give us Sherlock, can’t knock that.
My favourite TV – well, the work of the above gentlemen springs to mind. Firefly, Buffy, Angel, Doctor Who, Sherlock. There are way too many to list, but I do love Scrubs AND Red Dwarf. As for authors…god, another very long list. Obviously JK, and Tolkien…guys you might not have heard of include Christopher Moore, who is hilarious and CJ Sansom, who writes murder mysteries set in Tudor England.
When I’m not Nerdfighting? I’d like to think I’m always Nerdfighting. ;) But nerd culture aside, I do love to hike; where I live we have lots of parks, green spaces to walk in. I also love to swim, and when my course finishes (2 weeks tomorrow – yes!) I’ll be back to swimming four times a week instead of once.
I guess my big thing is, I write. I love to write my stories, mainly scripts. My baby is my Universe; what started as one Sci-Fi show became fours shows, one miniseries, loads of novels and short stories, galactic maps, histories, languages…yeah, you could say I’ve thought too much into it…slightly… XD
I also write novels and short stories that aren’t Sci-Fi – some romance, some self-discovery, whatever comes to me really.
Currently, I’ve just started a script for the second film in a trilogy based on the Fallout games. Finished script one back in November. You play video games, do you know of the Fallout series. Universally recognised as the best game franchise ever. =p
My writing is half the reason I want to get out of England, walk the world for a bit. I want to see some of these places I've been writting about, maybe find fresh new inspiration.
To be honest, I’m quite envious; I’ve taken one good picture in my life, I love to be able to point a camera and just capture something beautiful, or awesome, or both. And the Piano! God, I could barely managed to play the guitar in my teens, and I’ve forgotten how to do that!

At 12:53pm on January 10, 2012, Benjamin E said…

Hey Pip, greetings from the UK. =)
I’ve never been to Australia, though my little brother has travelled in your part of the world, so I hear things. Don’t worry though, pretty much they were all good things.
I see you’re learning Welsh; a highly noble and cool pursuit. My one of my best friends at University was a guy called Heward, Welsh on both sides of his family; imagine my disappointment, when I found out he couldn’t speak a word of Welsh and lived in Richmond-Upon-Thames. =D
I know, right, for shame. =p I almost bought him one of those Rosetta Stone packs Christmas before last, trying to force some history into him. =)
So tell me, Nerdfighter to Nerdfighter – if Joss Whedon and Steven Moffat got into an I’m-a-genius' fight, who would win? (Which, I suppose, is another way of saying “who are your favourite authors?” and “What are your top nerdy tv shows?”)
I know, I know, these are all fairly obvious questions but hey, this is Nerdfighteria; to break ice, use nerd culture. XD Aside from the books and tv, what do you do for fun?

At 6:20pm on November 21, 2010, Simowns said…
We are meeting at the state library at 6pm on the 24th of November

level one room five :) hope to see you there!

At 12:15am on November 20, 2010, Simowns said…
huzzah! shoot an email through to and ill send you through the first set of details we have :)

we would love to have you be involved!!
At 8:43pm on November 18, 2010, Simowns said…
Hello Fellow Brisbane Nerdfighter:)

We are organizing a Nerdfighting group who get together every month to have some nerdy fun and decrease world suck! What we will be doing exactly hasn’t been completely decided yet, however if you would like to be involved we are having a little get together to discuss what we can do over the next year,

Some suggestions are:

-Having people teach us more about their nerdy loves, doctor who, harry potter etc.
-Having people teach us how to do nerdy things, solve a Rubix cube, origami etc
-Fundraising to decrease world suck
-FIELD TRIPS! Going to see movies, perhaps the planetarium, science centre etc

All these suggestions plus any others will be discussed as a group deciding which are do-able:)

If nothing else it might be a fun way to meet other Nerdfighters and chill out while being your-self

This means of course, no giant squids of anger!! Any twilight bashing of any kind will not be tolerated... unless it’s hilarious.

If you have any suggestions or want to know more please contact me on and I will get back to you as soon as I can:)

We hope that it will be So Jokes!


PS. We need a sweet name! send your suggestions through!!:)

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