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At 8:59pm on June 17, 2009, Adam J. M. Eagleton said…
Oh, Reese. There's no need to feel that way. Always know that I have very great patience; so please don't feel in any way guilty if you take your time responding to a comment. Okay? Okay. :]

". . . the second loveliest of all Nerdfighters (Only second to you, of course)" *mentally blushes*

The Jeeves books are unspeakably fantastic, from what I've read so far. Only on the second page I decided that Wodehouse was one of my favourite writers. It's such a refreshing thing to read language so effortlessly and beautifully funny, fine and fluffy, and my enjoyment of it is substantially heightened by my having seen the Fry and Laurie adaptation, for it is they who gambol and jape in my head as I read, which is the most delightful thing.

I'm listening to Dongle now, as it happens. Thank you bellowingly for the kind offer, anyway. :]

Oh, I'm SO VERY excited about HP6, too. It's by far my favourite book in the series, and I'm hoping (and it seems) that the film version will be the best one yet. I do hope that John Williams returns for HP7, though. I can't be doing with this Nicholas Hooper.

"We must discuss this further in a more efficient way. GTalk, perhaps?" I've never tried it, but I'm sure it will work efficiently enough. The trouble is catching one another online, of course. Suggest a time and date suitable for you: I'm sure it will be so for me, too.

I adore that episode of QI. I said at the time that it was undoubtedly the greatest one yet.

♥ with an extra pint of ♥ for the weekend,

The second loveliest of all nerdfighters (second to you, of course).

P.S. Which is your favourite Greek or Roman myth? I'm becoming progressively obsessed with Greek myth (as you are aware), and would be fascinated to know. :]

P.P.S. I shall leave you with this clip from the latest episode of Kingdom.

At 9:25pm on June 10, 2009, Adam J. M. Eagleton said…

Or rather: an excellent decision. :] I certainly have missed both the marvellous platform as which it has served, and the singular way in which it allowed us to communicate. I shall put more than sufficient effort into reviving and sustaining it. Any suggestions as to the format? You suggested that we rethink it. I must say, I am fond of the question and answer system that we employed, but there's always room for change and/or replacement.

I'm very excited about this. :D

P.S. I shall leave you with this thing of beauty.

At 4:51pm on June 9, 2009, Adam J. M. Eagleton said…
Oh, there is no need for any forgiveness, Reese. Computers are such bastards. I await your unquestionably supple and incontrovertibly splendacious comment with unrestrained yet unprocacious enthusiasm.

At 6:15pm on June 6, 2009, Adam J. M. Eagleton said…
Reese! How fare thee, dear filos? Tremulous apologies for not writing sooner: I have grown substantially bored and annoyed with Facebook.

"Have you made any special plans?" We went to a restaurant and saw Night at the Museum 2: This Time It's Even More Cheesy Than The First Film at the cinema. I also saw Angels & Demons when my father came down a few days before my birthday. It wasn't as good as The Da Vinci Code (and that's really saying something). But I did receive the complete Wodehouse Jeeves collection from him (*insert thigh-suckingly extravagant dance of glee*), so I have that to add unbridled pleasure to my life until its inevitable cessation.

Don't worry too much about what Stephen says regarding pronunciation, Reese. He's absolutely correct, but it really only applies to Queen's English-speaking people, and may seem somewhat incongruous for you. Americans have, in some areas, wildly different pronunciations to us Brits, and that's a wonderful thing. Pronunciations like "mo-men-TA-ri-ly" are accepted in America, but frowned upon over here (we use "MO-mun-tra-ly").

I really need to get around to listening to Dongle. It's the first piece of fiction he's published in about nine years, I believe.

I haven't seen A Handful of Dust, no, but have heard of the book. Is the film good?

By the way, just in case you don't know, David Tennant's going to be on the Christmas QI. I'm concerned that my television may explode with the unprecedented brilliance being displayed upon it.

x♥, where x equals ∞
At 6:43am on March 23, 2009, Danny (as in Daniella) said…
That. Made. My. Life.
*wipes away tears*
At 9:57pm on February 16, 2009, Jenn said…
(Hm. I thought I had left you a comment the other day. I fail. >.<)

Thanks for the Valentine. Happy (Belated) Valentine's Day to you, too. :)
At 8:09pm on February 16, 2009, Mia The Tetanic Wonder said…
Yes indeed...though I've never had a myspace for my personal stuff, just for music. Facebook is damn addicting...Christian and I get into such conversations on there. It's hilarious.

But yeah, I love it because there are actually awesome people on here [such as yourself.]

I was just breezing through yo' music and "Lady Madonna" brought interesting memories back. I had to play it at my first bass recital. XD
At 4:52pm on February 16, 2009, Mia The Tetanic Wonder said…
Hell yeah. I love that girl! [I'm lucky I get to know her in real life. We get into some shenanigans.]

Anyways, I frackin love this place...and good grammar!
At 1:17am on February 15, 2009, Danny (as in Daniella) said…
Thankyou ♥
Happy Belated Valentine's Day, Reese!
At 5:03pm on February 14, 2009, ItTakesII said…
That *is* weird. Well, I added you xD
At 11:55am on February 14, 2009, Phineas de Romanus said…
Happy Valentine's Day, Tree-saw! :)

At 7:10am on February 7, 2009, Tree-saw said…
At 7:54am on November 28, 2008, Lynn said…
Omg, you are just like the most jokes nerdfighter ever. I am in love with your gigantic collage thingy. DFTBA!!!!
At 8:59pm on November 20, 2008, Adam J. M. Eagleton said…
Oh, Reese. You always make me smile.

Perhaps you'll come to England again before long. Or I might even go to America. Who knows?

At 2:59pm on November 8, 2008, Prisca said…
I love all of your countdowns and your art is really jokes :D I love the wicked one :D
At 9:52am on November 8, 2008, Adam J. M. Eagleton said…
Hello. ♥

How was the book shopping (and Atonement)?
At 6:09am on November 8, 2008, Laura said…
ok so you're an alan rickman lover. be my friend????
At 8:59am on November 7, 2008, Adam J. M. Eagleton said…
14 Atonement.mp3

I forgot number fourteen. :]
At 8:54am on November 7, 2008, Adam J. M. Eagleton said…
At 7:19am on November 7, 2008, Adam J. M. Eagleton said…

No, don't worry about it. I'll convert them for you.

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