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At 11:01am on June 28, 2012, Jess L said…

Hey There! Turns out I am free all day on July 4th, so just let me know when you'd like to chat!

At 4:51pm on May 16, 2012, Jess L said…
So flight cOmplications have arisen...I mean we're still tryin to figure everything out, but I'm tempted to just get myself to Europe and find way to London XD
At 1:25am on May 4, 2012, Jess L said…

Oh, I'm not sure if you're familiar with a movie called The Avengers? I mean, I recommend you go see it XD Though seriously we should Skype after you get the chance to see it! 

At 7:01pm on April 28, 2012, Jess L said…

for** the fact that it’s like “let’s post everything you ever did!” Not that the old layout didn’t do that, it just made it harder to find. I’m not sure why it won’t let you see my tumblr? The link is, and if you were given the link I’d expect you to click it, because what would you do otherwise? Not click it? XD I think my friends and I are doing a Marvel Marathon the day before/attending the Midnight premiere. Well, we already know it’s going to be awesome, that’s a given! Though in all seriousness I have heard really good things about it, so that’s a plus :D

As far as Skyping goes, I can do Tuesday if it’s at like 3/4 pm GMT. While it would be morning for me, I’d get up since it wouldn’t be that early. It’s just I have exams from pretty much 6pm-1am GMT. Granted I’m only actually taking 1 exam out of 3 that day, the others are just meetings of the class. Hope the German Exchange Student is an interesting fellow/enjoying good ol’ Britannia!

And with that, I’m off, hope we can set up a time to chat next week, I'm honestly not sure what is up with the Ning cutting comments in like, half D:

At 7:00pm on April 28, 2012, Jess L said…


Yeah, sorry about that…guess with late evenings comes lack of coherency/insane typing abilities. I’ll reply to this just so you have a little something to read when you get back from gallivanting about the countryside! With an Avengers break, of course! Though no nearly getting blown up by fireworks, as that would be ill advised.

I’m in a procrastination mood because this past week with projects and papers was really stressful, so at the moment the last thing I want to do is study/revise for exams. Thankfully I’ve only got two this week! Quite convenient and always a plus. Still, glad to hear that things are going well on the writer side and it’s perfectly understandable about having it becoming all consuming. I would like to think I can get that way with reading, but sadly I haven’t had much time for it. Hopefully over the summer I’ll be slowly going through my bookcase/collection I’ve acquired. Don’t worry about the sparse Ning replies, I’ve been in crazy-ish study mode as of recent so it all works out.

I would be shocked if you were writing a show and didn’t put any Firefly references, especially with the premise of the show! XD I’ll be sending writer thoughts your way as I am currently searching for a job, since one that I applied for filled up their applicant spots. Oh well, just back to square one I guess. Just noticed BBC America has summer internship openings down in NYC…hmmmm.

 I’m sure I’ll manage to avoid getting sick, seeing as what you had sounded pretty miserable. As far as images of Sarajevo, I’m not surprised seeing as it’s the 20th anniversary of the civil war there. Additionally, it’s a country overtaken by violence.  

Oh trust me, if I could manage to get over to the UK I would! And don’t remind me! XP Find myself among the halls of the National Gallery again, catch a show in the West End and buy several pairs of wonderful shoes ^_^ Then possible spend a day or two at the Louvre, which I do realize it would require travel to Paris, but still I’d love to see all those paintings again. If only, if only…! Thankfully travel around Europe is not too terrible as far as traveling to different countries, so I’d be able to get to both countries in no time! Just didn’t work out this time round because of group tickets/lack of money.

I sorta give her props for showing up at his house seeing as she was only 12, but still a little bit on borderline stalking? Guess that’s what comes with celebrity status. That would be very bizarre if my friend was Matt Smith in disguise, quite a mindgame for sure!

I’ll PM you a address, I might have you wait to send it since I’m moving into a new house in June/won’t be around for half of May. So that’ll give you a little more time to find some stuff to send, as I do as well! As far as the baseball bat goes, a sword is very much so cooler, I’ve got my foil in my room. Sadly the most damage it can do is bruise, but then again it can also be pretty painful XD

That quote does sound relatable to American traveling, and sadly I don’t think it’s in the cards this year to go on a roadtrip. Soon, though, Soon. I can’t say I’m familiar with who Joshua Graham is though? Possibly Fallout Reference? Ah, yes it is. Once again, it seems my nerd senses were off! Still I want to go hiking out west to have a campfire under the stars, and also drive along the West Coast. Maybe go up into Canada/British Columbia. And no, if I do go to Canada, I don’t think I’ll be running into any Mounties running away from murder charges XD

Nothing more classic than a Simpsons horror movie spoof, I actually saw a guy watching CotC today, made me chuckle. I’ll have to look up that parody for sure since I loved it when they did The Shining, which I have coincidentally have not seen still. Seems like every time I turn around there’s one more movie I need to watch.

I honestly don’t mind Timeline all that much, except f

At 12:03am on April 25, 2012, Jess L said…

PART THREE (Welcome to extreme ramblings? Just blame it on the Ning) 

Oh, that’s so wonderful I manage to make it in the next year, but do you think people in 1829 would be able to handle the concept of S’mores? I’m sure they’d enjoy it but still find it a little odd. To think, S’mores with Cadbury, or if you really want to feel free to break into that Hershey’s bar XD

Yes, yes, Patrick Stewart/Charles Xavier has died. Gosh it was just so sad because although Prof X and Magneto were technically enemies, they never forgot that they began as true friends. It’s just so sad when Magneto goes “Charles Xavier has done more for mutants than you will ever know since before you were born!” or something of the sort. I honestly know Kelsey Grammar as Fraiser, a popular American Seattle based Sitcom in like the 90’s/00’s. I don’t know if you’re familiar with Friends? It’s pretty much just like a slightly more intelligent but condescending version of that show.

I honestly just want to go to these sort of things so I can find people who can freak out about shows and stuff the way I love to! Granted I realize that there are those out there nerdier than me, but still I would love to go and see all the different cosplays and stuff, especially the amazing TARDIS dresses that girls make :D I’m such a sucker for nice clothes and ensembles, especially nerdy ones it’s not even funny. But I certainly know the feeling of wanting to spend time with people that will catch subtle quote references and such.

Well, Funny you should mention it, because it is that quote from which the title of the book is derived. As respect for your waiting to discuss Avengers, I will refrain from discussing TFiOS plot points, but for the love of all things Nerdfighter, get yourself a copy! I would send you mine however a friend is borrowing it and I want to keep it for myself…I was not a Nerdfighter when Esther Earl passed away, but I do recognize that it impacted the entire community, and I feel that Hazel is largely developed after her. I will say that brace yourself for an emotional read. Yet despite the sadness, it’s still a really good book :D

Well, with that I must be off, try and get more than 5 hours of sleep since that would be beneficial, right? I’ll end with today’s song recommendation of a classic Jamie Cullum tune.

At 12:01am on April 25, 2012, Jess L said…


in between. (The Ning has been terrible about cutting off text, grrr)

Tumblr, well, goodness. How do I explain it? A merging of fandoms? It’s a blog, really. But a majority of it is fangirls, I will say that. To be honest I feel like my tumblr is the side of me that is a little bit crazier, but actually, who am I kidding? We’re both self-proclaimed nerds XD I will say that it can be addicting, like legitimately. Feel free to check out mine here.

What is this, primary/grade school? XP I haven’t heard that rhyme in ages! But The Avengers is already out in New Zealand at this point, those jerks. Still, I don’t have the means to travel and end up causing physical harm, so don’t worry. You’ll be safe…for now mwa ha ha. Ya know, I figured I’d see it once I got back from Europe, that sound good? Just kidding, hopefully I’ll be able to get to a Midnight premiere of some sort. If not then I will certainly be going to see it ASAP.

Well even with Doctor Who we got it in the States early spring for at least the last season! Honestly I just have gotten used to not having those TV Shows in my life because like, they aren’t there in a sense D: It’s mildly depressing and scares me a little bit. Then I also think about shows that have ended and will never come back, which makes me even sadder.

I will say that I have met very few cowboys here in the States, I believe they primarily reside in the South/West of the country. I’ll get on animating that cow mug, seeing as it is the closest thing I have to a cow in my room unless I went out and actually bought a cow, which I don’t think that will happen anytime soon. I personally think that “Fuck Tornados” guy has all the qualifications of being the next Captain America, especially with rifle in hand.

Once again, it was nice to Skype with you for a bit today! It’s different, in a good way, than just chatting on the Ning. Which this word document is ever growing since I’ve just decided to keep responses since the possibility of deleting a response midway through is an absolute hassle…I’ve now accumulated 14 pages/almost 9,000 words. Now if only writing term papers was this easy XD We should try and set up a time again soon, after all of your adventures with camping and a German exchange student, you speak any German?

As far as a film is concerned, it should be easier once summer hits since I’ll have more time, but I’m not sure if I’ll be up for a LOTR Film right away…maybe Indiana Jones since I still have to see 2 and 3. Cookie Dough? Jealous! That actually sounds really good right about now, maybe not for you seeing as it’s approaching 7am GMT. Still it’s never really not a time for Cookie Dough. I mean I can’t see myself not buying extended copies of LOTR. Just won’t be the same. Like, really.

A friend of mine has got the CSI: Miami sound on his phone, so he can play it anytime with accompanying sunglass movement. Needless to say, there’s never not a time that it can be applied. Guess you can say some things are sunglasses timless….YEAAAAAHHHHHH. Maybe not the best? Whatever. It’s late XP I can come up with plenty of better puns later. Are ponies in Manhattan as bad as Daleks? I can imagine they just leave a ton of glitter everywhere. Made a mess of the streets, down right preposterous, I say! Jim the Fish I feel may be coming up soon in my future, who knows? I just chuckled at the fact that’s a mild Whovian pun…oh dear. Though on a side note I’m still grasping the whole Doctor/River timeline meeting thing, and also realized I don’t know what I’m going to do about watching episodes seeing as I most likely won’t have a TV/Megavideo is no longer in existence D:

At 11:59pm on April 24, 2012, Jess L said…

Evening Mister!

Life goes pretty well, increasingly ever so busy but slowly having an extreme amount of procrastination for the same reason. Glad to hear you’re feeling much better, sadly the weather here has grown rainier so instead of doing work all I want to do is sleep. How am I supposed to get any sort of work done if I can’t focus when it’s either nice out or really terrible? The horror of it all! I can say that I have not been sleeping 20 hours a day, quite the contrary. All this travel has exhausted me/I’ve been sleeping in places that aren’t my bed. One of them was a wooden floor…not the best thing.

I managed to get back earlier today, but still it was a lovely surprise since Ning responses have been sparse on both ends XD That’s so incredibly exciting you have the possibility of writing for an internet show! I’m sure this Space Dramedy will certainly take off, does it have any sort of references to Firefly? I feel like it would. Have you heard back from the BBC yet? Even if you haven’t, that’s really neat that something career wise is starting up :D As for me, I should probably send out some applications and stuff for more internships, ugh, that means more stuff to do this week.

Thanks for the travel tips! I mean, I’ve got a pretty solid immune system and thankfully I’m not going to a country where I have to take lots and lots of like pills and shots before I go. It’s officially 3 weeks from today that I find myself on a plane to Munich/Sarajevo! Incredibly crazy because it will certainly be here before any of us know it; there’s still a lot of planning involved. I’ll spending time among official meetings and stuff so I’ve got to like, pack professional clothes. We’re also going to be one of the first group of foreigners in a village since the civil war broke out. So yeah, it’ll be an educational trip and amazing all in one. Hopefully I’ll be able to spend some time among a National Gallery or two and take in some art while in Sarajevo XD Can’t go to a city and not go to an art museum/history museum, right?

Tsk Tsk, get back in the game, flip on the nerd switch! Just kidding, I talk about the stars of Doctor Who as if I know them personally. Matt seems like an amazing guy, one of my good friends actually has an uncanny resemblance to him, it’s a little creepy. Yet now that I’ve pointed it out to him he’ll never stopped being recognized as a doppelganger. I did actually see that Top Gear interview, not sure how I would have handled that if I were Matt, still props to the girl? It’s a little odd seeing as she was only 12.

I’ll look forward to receiving more Cadbury’s ^_^ Did you get my note about the address change? It’s going to be a bit tricky for some time in the summer seeing as I’ll be moving around a bit, the lease on my house for next year starts June 1st so I can move in then! It’ll be really nice to somewhat have my own place, and not have to worry about rowdy dorms, but still it’s a sign of the real world. Though if my housemates think they can get away with large parties every weekend, well, then it’s time to break out the baseball bat. Anyway, back to relevance! Expect a letter/postcard or two from Bosnia, I’ll be spending lots of time on a plane so therefore I will most likely write to pass the time. Not to mention I just love sending things from foreign countries.

I’ve got 2 years left at Uni, and only 1 week of the semester left! It’s so bizarre and I can almost feel summer right around the corner, though sadly it does not include as much travel as I would like. One of my good friends and I both want to go on a roadtrip together, though the likelihood of that is slim seeing as we are both fairly poor…but just think, a roadtrip across the United States…Exploring vast lands from crowded cities to open Western Skies, with maybe some Cornfields (Crazy Killing Children excluded, have you seen/heard of Children of the Corn? Creepy as all get out!) i

At 12:02pm on April 22, 2012, Jess L said…

Hey There!

I'll get to a proper reply in a bit, but Skype tomorrow works for me, does around 5/6 GMT work for you? 

At 11:59pm on April 17, 2012, Jess L said…

Music Recommendation:

Because Apparently the Ning decided to be a jerk tonight regarding posting and cut off things...Under The Boardwalk by The Drifters XD

At 11:58pm on April 17, 2012, Jess L said…


I will certainly try to arrange it so that I can lasso a cow next time we Skype, seeing as that is apparently an American thing to do XD I sadly don’t have any NY Style bagels around, but you’ll have to get some when you come to NY along with some wonderful Pizza. Mmmmm that sounds really good right about now. A shame I didn’t quite get to hear “God Save the Queen” properly! Though actually in all honesty it doesn’t get more American than this photo. Oh god, so hilarious.

Well, I’ll be around quite a bit to chat so just let me know what works for you! Once again you’ll be across the pond with all the amazing food, and I’ll just have…movies. Ha! I can settle for a half pint of Ben & Jerry’s. Well, you can actually get those in the UK about LOTR? I actually saw an extended version of ROTK for $6 (3.70 pounds) So tempted to buy it, but I feel like it would have been a little redundant without the rest of ‘em. The only other ones they had were the theatrical ones.
Oh, you’re hilarious, ya know that? XD Though seriously my friends and I sat around for a good 20 minutes or so on a Saturday night thinking of puns regarding tacks/pins (long story, but it was hilarious) Trust me, you can never go wrong with a well crafted pun.

That sounds vaguely familiar, I do remember seeing an occasional Little Pony in Manhattan ala Daleks in Manhattan? Goodness that was an interesting episode, not quite as bad as The Unicorn and the Wasp. Sadly I don’t think I caught the 4th generation, but you can’t read the Blue Book quite yet, we haven’t seen Jim the Fish! XD

Ah yes, the simple art of time manipulation. Still think of those days among Edinburgh pubs, or the possibility of stargazing among the Highlands. I’m also currently watching X-Men: The Last Stand. Goodness Patrick Stewart is awesome. Ya just can’t beat that, can you? Well, maybe if you put Stewart and Liam Neeson together. Though Kelsey Grammar as Beast? Really? That just makes me chuckle.

That certainly sounds like an intense game, sort of like The Circle of Death that Fencing Club puts together, it’s where you have a few people in the center of a circle facing outwards with swords, and they’ve got to defend themselves from the outside attackers! Still not as intense as Ratchet Screwdriver, though I thought the game involved actual tools. Have you seen the movie Dodgeball? ‘Cause if you can dodge a wrench/[insert other extremely dangerous object aka a car] you can dodge a ball!

HE.WHAT. NO. CHARLES. DID. NOT. NOOOOOOOOOO. AAAAA. Well, that’s depressing.

Yes, it’s a hard life, living among the gangster streets of Uni after a fall from Girl Guides…just kidding. But in all seriousness they’ve got a Chalet in the Swiss Alps that I want to visit/work at during the summer maybe. Spend it hiking among the Alps, enjoying all the beautiful scenery!

I know all about the sadness of not being able to attend ComiCon. One of these years, one of these years, especially when I see all the beautiful panels and celebrities of pretty much every show I watch. * slight sobbing * And what is Lego possibly putting out next summer? New sets beyond wildest imaginations? I actually have read TFiOS! Preordered it back in like, October or something of the sort. Really quality stuff, I just love all of John Green’s work, not gonna lie. How about Amazon or something? Are they just out of all copies in the UK? Well, probably not, but you should certainly get your hands on a copy :D I will give a disclaimer it is really sad. Really tugs at your heartstrings.

I’m not sure what happened to that generation, makes me think of “American Pie” by Don McLean. Alas! That is not my music recommendation for the evening, I’ll be going along with the classic theme you’ve set with

At 11:57pm on April 17, 2012, Jess L said…

Evening Sir!

Greetings from the States once again, I’ll try and get this reply back to you early so everything is back in the normal swing of things…not to mention I’m traveling quite a bit this weekend, so I want to get this reply off before I start moving! But I dare say that it’s certainly been a gap between replies though XD Hope your writing is going well, though!

Well glad to hear you had a lovely vacation, very much so in the spirit of artist especially with Peacocks! That’s so cool! I can certainly see to taking a week, strolling along the beach and scribbling odd things in a notebook. I just watched “Human Nature” this morning where the Doctor turned himself human, and wrote down all his thoughts about time travel in a journal. Should probably start writing stuff down more…

Don’t give me any sort of flu! I don’t want it! Not that these types of things can be submitted via the internet, but hey, you never know! Hopefully when I fly over and back from Europe I won’t get sick. Blech. I have an immune system of steel which is certainly a plus. Thankfully I’m not going to a place where I’ll need a whole ton shots or malaria pills or something. Yay somewhat civilized countries!

Well, the massive pillow fight was not as exciting as we thought it was going to be. To be quite honest, it was literally people just standing smacking eachother with pillows. Though we got to eat at a pretty great Noodle place downtown. I also found out that Matt, Karen and Arthur were in NYC literally a day or two after I left! So incredibly annoyed D: and sad, for that matter, I mean they were in Central Park for goodness sakes! WHYYYYY.

Yes, you never know when you’ll need an easily concealed nerf gun to fight off an invevitable zombie invasion! It was also more I was looking at random stuff that was on my desk to send XD Still, it worked out and I’ve got more ideas to send your way, but it’s a secret! XP What do you mean you don’t want to enjoy yourself a nice piece of Hershey’s Chocolate?! I wonder how long it will last if you intend to pass it down as a family heirloom, I mean would you really want to pass down a piece of American chocolate? Such a shame…though I’ve actually been eating quite a bit of it since I’m all out of Cadbury. Yes. That’s what it’s come to!

I didn’t actually find a new favorite in the Olympic Bus, but thoroughly enjoyed the Caramel ones and the giant Caramel bar you sent ^_^ Goodness, so. delicious.

I managed to find time for Doctor Who today, but as of recent I’ve made sure to watch a couple of Game of Thrones episodes. I’ve been watching TV a little less since finals are picking up, I’ve got some papers and a French presentation next week along with the possibility of more papers. Though through finals week I actually only have to show up for 1 or 2 exams which is really nice. I’ll be done May 2nd with the semester!

Anyway, after that rambling on to more important things: Avengers. Well, just letting you know that New Zealand gets it 2 days before you in the UK, and I’m gonna have to avoid Tumblr for about a week to avoid spoilers D: You have noo right to tease me about Chris when you’re pretty much the same way with Scarlet, so we’ll call it a draw? XD And Mister if you leak any sort of spoilers, I will personally teleport to the UK and…I don’t know. I feel like something involving a knife might be overkill.

Still, I’m enjoying Game of Thrones, it’s really a good show to watch while waiting for Doctor Who, Downton, Sherlock and the other Brit TV Shows I love return in the fall. * sigh * As well, you can never have too many memes in one reply. Brace yourselves…the reply is coming. Okay, so maybe that wasn’t the most clever one, but hey, it’s almost midnight here! I’m past my bedtime at the moment! I also realized I’ve got some poetry to read for tomorrow.

At 11:09am on April 15, 2012, Jess L said…

Well glad to know that you were not captured by some type of terrorist (extraterrestrial or no) organization! I did in fact get your snail mail package :D Except I pretty much ate all the Cadbury D:

At 10:14pm on April 8, 2012, Jess L said…


Oysterband! (apparently I can't copy and past properly) But I'll match and raise you one Simon and Garfunkel XD

At 10:01pm on April 4, 2012, Jess L said…


After some googling, I think that Cameron is the smarter choice over Wayne Rooney. The only other Rooney I know is Mickey Rooney, it’s kinda a miracle that guy is still alive! He’s an actor from the “Golden Age” of Hollywood, like Wizard of Oz and even earlier.

I’m sure that you’ll be in the states before either of us really realizes it, but I also do realize that to go from Zion to the east coast can be quite a cost. At the moment I think I’ve got about 10 cents in my England fund; you can see that I’m quite in fact, rolling in the dough! I mean with anything comes time. It’s hilarious because London and Paris always seemed like far off lands when I was younger and still somewhat do, but they are a bit more realistic to me. Honestly the whole concept of visiting them is surreal. Mainly now it’s just finding ways to get back XD Goodness can you imagine us trying to meet without the Ning? I’m sure our time traveling paths may have crossed, but it would have been entirely different; I might have been in an entirely different regeneration! And to think it all started in a bar… ^_^

One kid lost an arm?! Good Lord! You might have to explain that story next time we chat, because I know that I never played anything that rough as a child. Though I hear that the Ratchet and Clank games are quite good. By the way toerag is certainly an English word, I don’t think I’ve heard that before ever in my life XD Funny expression though! Even MS Word doesn’t recognize it.

I’m not saying that you’re overly attached, because I feel like there are some Ringers more obsessed with it? I saw a photo of a giant LOTR tattoo on someone’s chest the other day, was a bit too much for me. Then again I don’t know the true depth of your affection, but I’m guessing it runs pretty deep. Still, I can still appreciate it as something that has jaw dropping cinematography and a kick ass cast. I hope there’s some sort of Sherlock reference…I will be one hell of a happy camper if there is any type of Wholock episode. I may not be able to handle it.

I’m sorry, they took me by surprise! I can’t be on watch for infected men running rampant around campus all the time…but in all seriousness I’m not sure if I’ll play next year, I just really don’t have the schedule for it. Plus some of the people that play it are absolutely nuts.

You’d buy guns just to go around the house with them? I mean they also can be shot at shooting ranges and stuff…but I’m sure you would to just exactly that XD

Don’t dis the Girl Scouts! I was one for a long time, and would still be one at Uni just for the sole advantage of being able to sell cookies; I’d be able to pull in a lot of profit! Sadly I wouldn’t be able to do so, so I must turn to other forms of income like drug dealing. For the record I don’t actually deal drugs. Just a bit of sarcasm via text which generally never works out that well. Still, one can try, right?

I’ll just add DS9 to the ever growing list of things I need to read/watch. I think at this point I’m up to at least one book at 3-5 TV Shows? XP At this point I think I’ll stick with my Chris Pine thank you very much, or have to go with Levar Burton, because it always cracks me up seeing him on Star Trek TNG. It was both Shatner’s and Nemoy’s birthdays about a week or so ago, I didn’t realize they were both 81! ON that note I do actually have a book recommendation for you! Geektastic: Stories from the Nerd Herd. It starts off with a short story about a Trekkie/Star Wars fan one night stand at ComiCon. Absolutely hilarious! Not to mention there’s even a short story from our one and only John Green. I might have talked about this book before, but even if I have you should see if you can locate yourself a copy.

Well, it’s approaching midnight and I’ve still got about 60 pages of reading to do, so I guess I should get on that…You can never go wrong with Oyst

At 10:00pm on April 4, 2012, Jess L said…


Well, it has been a little bit of a while since I’ve given a reply on the Ning, but I’ve decided to sit down tonight and write one so you can have something before you are off to the Spanish territory of Majorca. I’m so close to the weekend I can taste it, and I know that I’ll be doing quite a bit of traveling via car and train. This Saturday I’m going to a massive pillow fight down in New York City! It’ll be an absolute blast for sure, a good way to start off Easter Weekend! I also realize when I type these things, or anything really I use an obscene amount of exclamation points! Guess I’m just super! excited! about! everything! XP

I mean, Firefly certainly trumps schoolwork in the case that Mal Reynolds is fighting in a classic duel and wearing a bonnet. Come to think of it I may actually watch that after I finish up this response…I mean I can always seem to make time for Firefly.

Have you seen the new clip, with Black Widow in fact? She does some pretty awesome fighting while bound to a chair for most of it. Can’t say I’ve got those abilities! Still I’m going to see Avengers for the…uh…storyline. I mean, it’s not a bad thing that Chris Evans is in it…just sayin’

I’ve now finished two episodes of Game of Thrones and I will say that I do quite like it! I mean, it certainly does have a hell of a lot of nudity in it because it is HBO, but aside from that it’s a good thing to watch while a lot of my old faves are on season breaks. Though one of the main characters is played by an actor who was on an American sitcom for a long time, so I always chuckle when I look at him trying to be king! Just can’t take him super seriously when I think of the antics of a family situational comedy XD (cue laugh track) I’ve heard the books are really well written as well, though as of late I’m not sure if I’ll get down to read them.

It was nice to video chat with you the other day! :D Now the time difference really sets in, right? I apologize for the fact I did not have either a bald eagle, American Flag or our anthem blaring, but still I think it managed to work out XD We’ll have to do it again when you get back from holiday and you can tell me all about the beaches and shenanigans- be sure to apply sunscreen, ya don’t want to come back as red as a lobster! XP I also got your package today!! I have already managed to eat at least 5 or 6 mini Cadburys out of my tin, so I’m sure I’ll clean it out in no time..I’ll ship off the next parcel/letter in a few days, so you’ll have something probably within a few weeks! Once again not really sure what I’ll put in it…at some point though I want to send you a Hershey Bar and possibly a New Hampshire shot glass from Wal-Mart? I feel like that would be fitting; you’ll have to tell me how the Serendipity Frrozen Hot Chocolate Mix goes. Also about your Maths teacher who looks like a Llama! Sadly none of my teachers never looked like animals… I would also see if you could find this flask around the web somewhere, seems pretty awesome, no? I only saw it as part of a giveaway so I actually couldn’t really tell you where to get it, but you could still peruse the intervebs.

Once again I’m sure Majorca is extremely beautiful, and that’s crazy that you’ve got a wonderful pool this year! You’ll have to do some stargazing while you are there, as I probably won’t be doing any soon. Hopefully the weather cooperates, this year; I’m assuming it didn’t exactly the year the roof fell in? The only place I’ve stayed in that was in severe disrepair was a hostel in Holland Park, London. It was cool in the sense it was an old mansion, but not cool since it had practically all of a giant window missing in our room. Got to hear the lovely opera singers

At 10:10am on March 30, 2012, Jess L said…


I mean, I know the Hobbit will be an amazing movie, I clearly don’t have the same attachment that other people do. While I recognize that is a groundbreaking film cinematically, I hadn’t seen any of the films until this past year/still have yet to read the books. I can’t wait to see Martin Freeman though, he’s wonderful! I perfectly understand the desire for having two parts, especially with a film like this. I mean, for Twilight it’s like, really? You don’t need one more terrible film than already apparently necessary. It’ll certainly be emotional for a lot of people around the world, who feel the same way you do!

Well, sadly I have managed to get infected with the zombie virus :/ It was an ambush attack, really. But in all honesty I’ve turned into a really lackadaisical zombie. Realistically I’ll starve out. Who knows, I’ve just been so exhausted lately.

Well England, if I ever need an Olympic Tower for whatever reason, I’ll be sure to look no further! XD Russell Howard is great, I should watch more of his stuff.

You can never go wrong with YT Epic Rap Battles! Once again, I should watch more of those. Whenever there is a combination of History and Pop culture, generally it’s pretty hilarious. I mean, you’ve got Doctor Who…an amazing TV Show! Also Sherman and Mr Peabody of Rocky and Bullwinkle fame :D

Well, I may not be able to purchase fireworks until I’m 21, but I can top you and buy a gun. Yep, that’s right, welcome to the state of NH! I mean, firework laws vary from state to state so you will find states that you can buy them in but the age varies at when you can buy them. Apparently the guys next door set off a few like last week in a parking lot off campus? They do that occasionally.

I haven’t seen enough of Deep Space Nine to judge a comeback, but we’ve certainly the possibility of a Firefly series…I’m sure it’ll be discussed further in real life XD I will say that something does include Chris of the Pine and Evans varieties! I’ll get around to the commentary one day, I’m sure it’s great. There was actually a kid in high school whose nickname was Shenanigans-if you knew the guy then you’d understand!

We might have gnats here, and if not then I’ve certainly heard of them. I certainly know it’s a chemical thing that attracts the little buggers, though I’d rather not douse myself in bug spray because it is kinda gross to douse yourself in. Think of it as a summer perfume XD I’m hoping there won’t be a ton of bugs when I am over in Europe…that’d just be annoying as all get out!

Looks like I should probably end this soon, so I’ll give ya a recommended track. Now, I could give you something from a musical if you’d really like XP But I’ll go with I Can Talk by Two Door Cinema Club.

At 10:09am on March 30, 2012, Jess L said…


I’m writing to you late in the evening, but since it’s the weekend the night is still certainly young! Mwa ha ha! Seriously though- it’s a freaking miracle that the weekend is here, I’m so exhausted from the week. But it in all honesty, it’s because I procrastinated all my work over the past few days by watching Firefly and other awesome TV Shows. Finally downloaded the first episode of Game of Thrones: I’ll watch it sometime this weekend and let you know what I think XD I’m sure I’ll enjoy it if it’s anything like Lord of the Rings and Merlin. Maybe a little bit more grotesque, but still awesome none the less.

Well, the time difference really becomes noticeable when you video chat because you can see the different timezones and the lighting! Still it was neat to chat and be able to get a response within a few minutes rather than a day or two XD The room I’m currently sitting in is playing Christmas Muzak…I have absolutely no idea why; it’s bloody annoying to tell you the truth. I could leave but that would require movement. First world problems, right? I can tell you right now that by the end of the weekend my sleep schedule will be all out of whack, but lots planned! I’ll be traveling down to NY this weekend and next weekend for a variety of reasons, so lots of travel in cars and trains again.

Do you go to Majorca every year/have a place there? I feel that those places are best enjoyed without Internet. Although at points it can seems like somewhat of a bother, it’s really for the best. Get plenty of sun (well, don’t come back looking like a lobster, cause that’s no fun! XD) and enjoy the beautiful weather. I swear that I just saw snowflakes not too long ago, so if you could send some sunshine over to the states it would be much appreciated :D I’ll probably watch some TV before I head off to bed depending on how long this response takes me, but last night I managed to watch some 21 Jumpstreet (see: terrible 80’s TV show about cops infiltrating High Schools) I mean, I will say that it isn’t quality, but like, sometimes you just need some silly shows. Not to mention at one point when I had nothing to do I booked through the first season. That’s what holidays do to you sometimes XD

I was in classes most of the day today, watched two films; First was The Diary of Anne Frank which had 3 actors I recognized! Tamsin Grieg (Black Books), Iain Glen (Doctor Who/Downton Abbey) and Kate Ashfield (Shawn of the Dead). It’s certainly a sign that you’re an Anglophile when you can identify a majority of the British cast in a PBS Masterpiece special…The second one was Claire Denis’ Chocolat. Typical really sorta mediocre French cinema. Sadly it is too cold here for going out for ice cream and White Chocolate Chip sounds really good! Not as delicious, though as Ben and Jerry’s XD.  I had the opportunity to buy some earlier, but really didn’t want to finish a whole half pint by myself.

Oh goodness, are you sending this parcel by way of the Pony Express?! I hope those lovely ladies realize Clinton well, has been out of office for quite some time XP Then again I did have a really stupid moment the other day, I thought David Cameron was a footballer? Shows you how much into politics I am. Made a fool out of myself in front of a bunch of exchange students…

Now I’m really looking forward to receiving a giant chocolate bar of chocolate in the mail, hopefully it doesn’t melt! The Life Savers may not have been super minty because they were peppermint, not spearmint. I’ll be sure to send some more along in the next parcel :D You’re also lucky there’s no expiration date on that ticket XP

The thing with me typing in word now is the fact I ramble a heck of a lot more, I mean I’ve reached almost a page discussing only a few paragraphs of your response! Oh well, I’m not too concerned about it. Don’t worry too much about the spelling, though as an English major I may take the liberty of correcting you from time to time :P It’s definitely crazy to find someone thousands of miles away with pretty much the exact same interests ^_^; that wouldn’t have been possible even say, 50 years ago.

I will say the likelihood of you getting to States first is larger than me traveling to England sigh. Still, you’re taunting me with a bunch of things that are on the opposite side of the country! One of these years I will get to ComiCon and Zion…when I have the money. Plus it’s not really the same if you attempt to redeem that coupon over the internet XD. How exactly is “Rachet Screwdriver” played? I’m hoping it doesn’t involve hitting people with various tools? Though knowing young boys it wouldn’t surprise me.

I’ve never seen “Extras”? I’m assuming it’s some sort of comedy show (see: Saturday Night Live) My personal fave comedian is Jim Gaffigan, the guy’s hilarious!

At 5:59pm on March 27, 2012, Jess L said…

Post-Post Script: 

I can certainly say this reply was longer than expected! Guess word doesn't know how to count! 

You can never go wrong with Admiral Ackbar! As a joke I think one school down south wanted to change their mascot to such a legendary character for a little while. I hopefully that you don’t ever find yourself on a plane with terrorists, though! Would be a most unfortunate event if I say so myself...

I'll end this with a recent favorite song recommendation of mine, Free by Graffiti6 :D

At 5:57pm on March 27, 2012, Jess L said…


Well, it’s much later, and as the sun sets I prepare for the nearing Zombie Apocalypse that begins in approximately 5 hours. Although I don’t have a massive gun, I’ll certainly be wearing my Jayne hat to the kick off rally XD I can’t say that much will occur between now and then, really just some TV and reading of Virginia Woolf. Earlier this afternoon I settled for an episode of Freaks and Geeks, a short lived series such as Firefly (seriously, why some of the really good TV shows only have one or two seasons?! It’s ridiculous)

Anyway, I will certainly have to see what the especially British thing you put in my parcel is; I’ve been thinking of other things I can send you within the next coming letters and such. Seeing the Olympics in London this summer would certainly be an amazing thing, though alas I am reminded how I live the existence of a poor Uni student. On a random side note I’ve got word so it corrects sentence structure and grammar as well…not doing so well. Not that I really care at this point XD I do remember driving past the massive stadium they managed to build for most of the events, it’s a little silly looking!

I can’t say I’ve played any of the GTA games, though I do like to thing of myself as a pretty fly individual, every once and I while I do break it down to rap XD But I will say that there is nothing more satisfying than hearing the sound of a machine gun while you successfully kill zombies or other aliens. Speaking of that, there will be a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles coming out at somepoint thanks to Michael Bay. Needless to say the movie will probably be 90% explosions!

Planning such a retreat sounds like a lot of fun and I’m sure that it will be a blast. I still need to have to find a weekend so my friends and I can go camping and do similar activities, maybe not the fireworks though? Hopefully it’ll be warm enough so we can go swimming in the lakes that are around here but with the recent freezing weather I’m not sure how soon that’ll be.

Oh, well I guess I will have to rewatch Pride and Prejudice for the…um…plot. Yeah, that’s it XD I’ve been trying to read Northanger Abbey as of recent, it’s a decent easy read. I didn’t really love Pride and Prejudice the first time I read it, but it was right after I read Jane Eyre. The novels are pretty similar in a lot of ways.

I don’t know if they will make a Star Trek TV revival? I mean, I think it would be neat, but then again I’m not too much of a trekkie to really be invested in it. Still I would love at least a Firefly reunion or something, I feel like the actors have aged too much to still do the show. Plus, like, Joss killed off two amazing characters. grumble grumble..

Still no word about the radio show, I’ll keep you informed if I’m on this coming week. The past few weeks back the girl I help out hasn’t been hosting it. Hopefully things will be back in the groove soon!

Just because your food would be cold and melted doesn’t mean you still wouldn’t have it! I’ve got to talk to about a friend for getting the Trilogy (extended, of course) at a discounted rate. That way, you can’t bug me anymore about not having the movies on DVD! XD I’m sure that Billy and Dom would do a wonderful stand-up act, Merry and Pippin are seriously my favorite characters in the films. You never know what shenanigans those two are up to. I mean, I think I have a pretty solid DVD collection at the moment of about, 9 DVD’s? They pretty much are all chick flicks though. I’ve got Star Trek and Captain America! That must count for something, right? At the moment my book collection is more expansive.

Well thankfully the mosquitos have not been out since it has been so freaking cold as of recent! I usually get covered in bites if I’m not careful enough. Generally the worst was when I spent summers camping for long stretches of time, I’d come back looking like a cheetah! Though not having any stagnant water around is certainly a huge factor in decreasing the amount of those buggers.

I would have to say the most beautiful place I’ve been has certainly been among the various mountains and stuff that I’ve hiked. One year I stayed ad a cabin around July 4th and you could see all the fireworks from varying towns along the far ridges :D I’m sure photos will bring some idea of The View, but of course when trying to capture beauty it’s always tough with a camera. Some of those places you just have to visit!

I haven’t actually watched any of Castle, maybe one of these days I’ll start it. I do remember the ads for it when it first came out, seemed interesting enough.

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