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At 5:23pm on November 18, 2012, Mårten Viberg said…
Me and my family went to the US a few years back. We spent a week in New york city and flew to Chikago and drove all the way down to New Orleans for like two weeks. I fell in love with you country, I can tell you that!
Yeah, it's a master that would be the most realistic option for me as well. Yeah, the krona is too expensive... I'm actually really new to all this nerdfighter stuff, so i haven't had the opportunity to read John's novels yet! I can imagine the balkans are nice. :)
I've only heard good things about amsterdam. would love to go there as well!
At 10:58am on November 18, 2012, Mårten Viberg said…

Yeah, I guess it's the same thing I feel about the USA. I've been there once, but I really want go go there again, hopefully studying! Terribly expensive with overseas flight though... But regarding places in Europe, I would recommend the UK and northern Italy and maybe Germany/Denmark/Sweden. I guess that would give you an allround feeling. Haven't been to the balkans, but I hear it's nice!

At 12:35am on November 18, 2012, Mårten Viberg said…

If you should find yourself in Lund, I'd be very glad to show you around! Planning on going on a eurotrip? 

At 5:23pm on May 20, 2012, Benjamin E said…

Do it!

Send me a PM, we'll meet up for afternoon tea at the Ritz. :p

At 8:46am on April 27, 2012, Benjamin E said…

**Nerdfighteria, cool TV shows…polos, I guess…
I’d be up for watching an Indiana Jones film! And Cookie Dough as in Ben & Jerry’s. I tried so many new flavours in Mallorca, but it’s still the best by some way. How about we say in the summer, we’ll watch the last crusade, since it has Sean Connery and is clearly the best of the four.
God, so many puns! =p I think Daleks might be ever-so-slightly worse, but still, Ponies would be pretty bad. Glitter can stick to your skin for years, literally, and can you imagine how many road accidents would happen from them all trotting around unattended. I’m sure we can agree that there is never a bad…
…time for Doctor Who jokes. AWWWWW YEEEEAH! Thank you, thank you, I do my best. XD


At 8:45am on April 27, 2012, Benjamin E said…

Hello hen!
Wow, a three-pager! Let’s see if I can reply to all this before I go to Ashburnham tomorrow. I’ll be back on Sunday night and, don’t worry; I’ll take lots of pictures of the Austin country house for you.
I’ve pretty much had to kick procrastination out the window this week, working on my stories before the weekend kicks off. Need to have finished AND proofed episode one by tomorrow evening. The whole sleeping 20 hours thing really slowed me down, but I’m back in action now. I’m actually feeling quite…writer-y. Even though it’s absorbing my entire life, I’m good with it…the story has taken control. XD
So yes, that is why Ning responses have been sparse… And yes, there are HUGE Firefly references, especially surrounding ‘Skip’, the Captain. I haven’t heard back from the BBC yet, but then the deadline for applicants isn’t until the end of the month, so there is time yet.
No worries – you don’t want to catch whatever I had, trust me. It’s so weird, the name Sarajevo still conjures images of tanks and soldiers in my mind…guess things like that really stick with a place, you know? Tell you what, why not escape the trip and come to London instead? =D
(I’ve been employed by the 2012 tourism board – can you tell?) But really, think of all those British art galleries…
Engaging Nerd switch, lol. XD I think if she was 12 and it was that late, I’d feel like I would have given her some food and driven her home! Then again, if he HAD done that, I can only imagine how many ‘Doctor Pedobear’ parodies would be circling the internet now.
Maybe your friend IS Matt Smith in disguise…think about it…*MINDGAME* =P
Just so I’m sure, PM me on here with the address you want me to send a package to in the next…I don’t know, 2/3 weeks? Depending on how long it takes to find awesome stuff. We can deal with summer when the time comes, let’s just make sure the next package arrives safely. I’ll be on the lookout for a postcard from Bosnia and don’t worry – about the baseball bat thing – I once came out of my Uni room at 4am waving two swords above my head.
Madness, like time, is all relative, you see. XD
“Exploring vast lands from crowded cities to open Western Skies”
Something about that sentence is so very…American. =D It sounds awesome and hopeful and…just so much bigger than any adventure you could have over here. If you do go road-tripping, make sure to visit Zion Canyon. Take pictures for me, kill a few Fire Geckos, say hi to Joshua Graham…you know, the usual stuff.
No, never seen ‘Children of the Corn,’ although I have seen the Simpsons parody episode, which was brilliant. “Those kids and their creepy British accents.” Much like The Shining, I don’t think I could watch CotC without laughing at what the Simpsons did with it.
Tumblr looks pretty cool, in all fairness – as soon as fb makes us switch over to this new ‘Timeline’ rubbish I’m getting rid of it, so Tumblr might be a decent alternative for social media. Weirdly, it won’t let me look at your page… =(
Lol, sorry, I couldn’t resist…AND don’t you dare! You go see that film at the first opportunity missy! I’m seeing it on Saturday, so I’m going to be dying to talk about it when I get back on Sunday. I’ll do my best to not ruin it for you, even if it means…I don’t know…taping my keyboard up? One spoiler I can give you already, though – it’s going to be awesome! Oh, TV shows that shouldn’t have ended…don’t get me started. Firefly, Scrubs, DS9…the list is pretty extensive.
Lol, don’t get Jess onto the subject of the South! XD Get practising the whole lassoing of the coffee mug, we’ll have that at our next Skype chat. The German kid is here until next Friday, but we need to talk before then – shall we say Tuesday again? I don’t have Alpha next week, so I could stick around for much longer. Lol, 9000 words eh? Between us we’ve written a large dissertation on the subject of transatlantic friendship, Nerdfighte

At 9:32am on April 22, 2012, Benjamin E said…



If you read this in time, do you want to do Monday/Tuesday this week? Only I’ll be away next weekend (Ashburnham, YAY!) and we’ve got a German exchange student living with us Wednesday onwards, so I can’t guarantee when I’ll be around that week.

If you’re up for a film together, that would be awesome! I’ve got a tub of Cookie Dough in the garage, so we could always make that work. You should definitely buy the extended ROTK, even if you don’t have the others; they add so much to that film, plus Christopher Lee will love you that much more.

What can I say, I do my best! ;) I actually bought a new pair of shades for the holiday, so believe me when I say there were A LOT of CSI jokes in Mallorca.

Yup, Ponies in Manhattan – my forth (next) incarnation’s greatest struggle…well, that I’ve read up to, anyway. I’ve already met Jim the Fish, as it goes – he was one of my first incarnation’s companions. Nice guy; lives in York now, I think. Speaking of, we DO make it to the Highlands! Yup, according to the Blue Book you land in the UK in 2013 and we go stargazing in 1829. I’d say don’t forget to bring the s’mores, but I already know you will…

Let me guess – they just killed Patrick Stewart, right? I love Magneto’s sad reaction, was really quite heart-breaking...even if he did sort-of cause Jean to go mad. I liked Sideshow Bob as Beast! I thought he played the part well, since he was supposed to be a very ‘British’ American, not just ‘British,’ a la First Class.

One day, I’m going to go to one of these Nerdy conventions, spend some time around my own people – much like the Doctor himself, I’m an outcast, far away from my fellow Time Lords....and wizards, Super Heroes, Video Game monsters and whatever other costumes you might find at Comic Con. (Ponies)

I need to get a copy of TFiOS; the title always reminds me of Elim Garak from DS9. I know, I’m English so I should be like YEAH SHAKESPEARE, but I’ll always hear;
“I’m afraid the fault, dear Tain, is not in our Stars, but in ourselves...”
I know Hazel dies in the end…or so I’ve heard, which will make it a damn sad read. I was a Nerdfighter when John came on, telling us that Esther Earl had died; I think she inspired him so much, it hit our little community flipping hard. =(

Well, not to leave you on a sad note –please listen to this very upbeat, happy song, and let me know how your weekend of traveling went. =)

At 9:31am on April 22, 2012, Benjamin E said…

Hey hen, how goes life?

Well, no need to worry – I’m now flu free, although this week has been pretty awful. Wednesday/Thursday, I was still sleeping 20 hours a day, so…yeah. Not fun. Still, holiday was good, so it was totally worth it. XD

If you’re off traveling this weekend, you probably won’t see this till Monday – ah well, something cool for you to read when you get back! It was a bit Doctor Who-ish I suppose, only I can’t draw to save my life. On the plus side, I’ve just finished episode one of my new short story series, that (fingers crossed) I’ll be able to sell to this website I found. Will keep you posted! Also, attended yet another writer’s meeting to discuss our web series, things are looking great – we have funding and everything! =D

The best thing you can do when you fly, apparently, is cover up as much skin as you can – you catch germs from all the recycled air, and depending on when you fly it could be pumping 48 hours’ worth of other people’s coughs. SO…yeah, enjoy your flight and all that!

I didn’t know who ‘Matt, Karen & Arthur’ were for a moment – then my Nerd senses kicked in. I’d like to meet Matt Smith, he seems like a laugh; did you see him interviewed on Top Gear? Apparently he came home on night and some little Whovian girl was sat on his doorstep; she asked him to say “Hello, I’m the Doctor,” then disappeared!

I’ll send you some more Cadbury’s with the next package, don’t worry – I’m scrambling to try and find new ideas. A Union flag, maybe – a postcard, if I can find one? I’ll try to send the next one by the end of the month.

Ah, finals – how many years do you have left at Uni now? Don’t worry hen, I’m sure you’ll do just fine. Then comes summer, travel, ADVENTURE – you can hardly wait too, right? XD

I’m thinking of getting Tumblr – is it any good? Hey, I’m not teasing anyone!

*Chris & Jessica sitting in a tree / K-I-S-S-I-N-G…* =p

Ehem, anyway…fell free to tease back; I did go check out that Black Widow chair fighting video fairly quickly after you mentioned it… XD Something involving a knife only might be overkill?! Well, don’t worry, out of respect for my fellow Nerd (and fear for my own safety) no spoilers will be posted. I’ll ask you to get and see it ASAP though, since I’ll be dying to go over every last detail.

It’s Reichenbach Falls all over again.

Well, one does not simply wait for the new season of Doctor Who – or, we didn’t used to, before Moffat decided to delay to accommodate the American fall schedules. =/ Really, I can’t tell if trolling, or looking to buy house in USA. I’m mad, bro. Srsly.

( (^How many memes so far?) ) <- (Yo, Jess, I heard you like brackets…)

Hey, I’m not being racist! That’s a thing that cowboys do, and cowboys live in America; ergo, you may lasso a cow/bull at our next Skype chat. Also, when Chris Evans decides to give up the Shield, I vote we give ‘Fuck Tornados’ guy a turn at being Captain America. Only seems fair. XD

At 4:30pm on April 17, 2012, Benjamin E said…



If you need to make some cash for a trip to England, maybe you should open a bakery; then you really would be…


…”rolling in the dough!” AWWWWWWWWWWWW YEEEEEAAAAHHHH! XD (Sorry, had to!)

America is STILL a faraway, magical land to me. Hey , we might have met – or you would have seen me on TV, that one time I stopped a band of evil Bronies from taking over Manhattan using just my sonic and an Argos catalogue. Only you wouldn’t have recognised me – that’s an adventure for my 4th regeneration…

…YES, I read the little blue book, what of it? =p

Yup, it all started in a singles bar in Nerdfighteria – you had the whole place moved to Edinburgh for a time, I seem to recall. I guess such things are possible for the children of Gallifrey, eh?

One kid did lose an arm…and guy called Joe lost something else altogether, but I’m not sure that was through Ratchet Screwdriver… Hey, you wouldn’t play RS as a child, we were all reckless teenagers at the time! The basic idea is, you all sit in a circle with a partner in front of you – you need quite a few people to play this game. One person is without a partner to start; in this instance, that’s me.

So, I would look across the circle and see you sitting in front of, oh, say, Chris Evans. I’d shout ‘JESS!’ and you’d have to crawl/shuffle/whatever your way across the circle to me. It’s Chris Evan’s job to stop you getting to me…by whatever means necessary.

You’re welcome, by the way. ;)

So yeah, many people were hurt…or groped, depending on gender, during a game of Ratchet Screwdriver. Still, it was all in…ehem…good fun. XD

You know, I could pretty much guess that the ex-girl guide hadn’t turned to drug dealing…still, Uni life can be tough, you know…

Oh gosh…please, don’t mention ComicCon – every year I regret not being there, especially when I see all the costumes and Lego showcases NEXT SUMMER’s sets…it’s all just too wonderful. I’ll be on the look-out for that book though, should be a laugh. Speaking of books…I may have asked you this before, but have you read TFIOS yet? I keep wanting to pick up a copy, but can never seem to find one.

Ah, Cylon & Garfunkel…classic, the sound of a more hopeful age…which is kind of sad, if you think about it. Where did all those hippies go? What of the folks that said, “The moon? Why the fuck not?!” Wonder where they all are now.
For you, a song I’m sure you know, that will never, ever die.


At 4:28pm on April 17, 2012, Benjamin E said…

Hello hen!

It just so happen, it’s been aaaaaages since I’ve given a reply on the Ning, too! XD

Ha, though I am sorry about that: I meant to write on SUNDAY, but I’ve been so caught up in my writing that I’ve been doing very little else!

So, I’m now back from ‘the Spanish territory of Mallorca’ and it was pretty awesome, very sunny, villa had PEACOCKS in the grounds, believe it or not! I went very ‘Boho-artist’ for a week; didn’t shave, wore the same shirt for a while, spent most of the week walking around scribbling ideas in my notepad. I’ve got so much to type up…which, again, is why I’ve taken this long to reply.

In other news, I think I got flyers flu on the way back – I’ve had a cold since Sunday, and I’m sure the aeroplane’s air filtration system is to blame. =/ Not happy about that, you can tell.

First Students vs. Zombies, now a massive pillow fight in New York? I need to up sticks and move to the States before I miss all the cool activities. Speaking of S vs. Z, I got my NERF GUN! What an awesome thing to come home to, thank you so much – will have to send you something equally awesome in your next Brit care package. XD

Oh, btw, that Hershey bar will be an heirloom of my kingdom, and all those who follow in my bloodline shall be bound to its fate…because I’ll never eat the bloody thing! XD

I’m glad the last one turned up – finally – did you find a new favourite Cadbury’s in that Olympic bus?

Making time for Firefly is not only easy, but is the dictionary definition of not-forgetting-to-be-awesome – it’s what Nerdfighters are born to do! Tut tut, Chris Evans again. =p Well, he’ll just be extra candy in this film, since the real treat will be the genius of Joss Whedon. No, I’ve not seen any new Avengers clips, will have to have a Google around later.

That just made me realise something wonderful – I’M SEEING THE AVENGERS MOVIE IN 10 DAYS!!!! Woo-Hoo, alright!! Yeah!!! Rock & Roll!!!
Don’t worry, no spoilers – well, probably no spoilers, I can’t swear to anything. X’D

Ah, Game of Thrones…“Winter is coming…soon be cardigan weather.” I do love Sean Bean Memes. But one does not simply use too many memes in the same Ning response…no indeed one does not.

I’ll be on Skype again soon – I know, I mean I know you couldn’t hear it properly, but I had ‘God Save the Queen’ going and everything! You’ll have to put on an Uncle Sam hat next time, put on a little white beard, hold up a NYC style bagel…lasso a cow, maybe? I don’t know. =p

Seriously though, let’s sort out a time was can talk again, it was awesome. I still need to mix up that Frozen Hot Chocolate – am going to save it for a night where we get Papa John’s in, have an all-American film marathon with Chris or something. =)

David Cameron may be screwing us over politically, but at least he’s a gentleman…I wouldn’t let Wayne Rooney know when I was going on holiday; I’ll put it like that…the Shrek-faced villain.

At 11:07am on April 15, 2012, Benjamin E said…

Hi hen!

I'm home, in England, alive and well - will reply in full later, just wanted to let you know the terrorists didn't get us. XD

Have you got your snail mail package yet??



At 4:48pm on March 31, 2012, Benjamin E said…

PPS: Just thought I should mention, if the sun shines tomorrow I'll be off to Gilwell Park! Will take a few pictures for you. =D

At 4:46pm on March 31, 2012, Benjamin E said…



Don’t mention ponies, please…I can’t go two steps on the internet without someone trying to make a ‘bronie’ out of me…just call me Ken Foree, I’ll have barricaded myself in a shopping centre by week’s end. Lol, footballer David Cameron…no, unfortunately he has three times the brain and not half the popularity of the average English ‘soccer’ player…not that he isn’t a colossal git who is overseeing the end of personal liberty in the UK…but I’d still get a drink with him before taking sup with the likes of Wayne Rooney.

I’ll get there, sooner than you think – although a trip that incorporates Zion AND Boston will require one hell of a lot of cash…time to start saving the pennies, wouldn’t you say? Once I have enough though, I’ll be on my way. Blow 50 years, America was a place of far-away wonder when I was growing up, and that was the mid-90’s! Still, I’ll be eternally glad for John & Hank – think, would we have met without them? Maybe, but this way is easier. =D

Ratchet Screwdriver…it’s a highly physical game, to be sure…and too complicated to explain on here. Let’s just say I’ve grappled that man in ways that would make the dreams of the seediest fangirl look tame…one kid lost an arm, I kid you not.

I know I might seem overly attached, but come on – Tolkien was so very important to my teenage years. Hell, Benjamin ELENDIL, remember? I pretty much discarded ‘Joyner’ altogether between the ages of 15 and 19. I know that I go on - ad nausium, some might say - but those films were a genuine achievement – a hammer blow in their field. Plus, since Peter Jackson has a wicked sense of humour, I bet there will be some sort of Sherlock reference in film two during the Bilbo/Smaug scenes. XD

Jess! Tsk tsk, going about campus letting random men bite you! Infected men, no less! For shame! XD

Ah, you know I’d probably own a gun if I lived in America – I’d buy two ‘Mal Reynolds’ revolvers and use them to swoop around the house, point into mirrors and say “I do a job…then I get paid!” That and I’d scare girl scouts away…I’m told you have problems with them in the US, constantly trying to sell you cookies. I guess they’re sort of like the Pigeons in London…have you ever considered putting poison down…?

I can assure you, DS9 was by far the best written, most story-and-character driven part of the Star Trek franchise. You may like Chris Pine now, but wait till you’ve experienced the boyish, British charm of Dr. Julian Bashir, or the smooth, seductive tones of Captain Benjamin Sisko…you’ll soon be a Niner, don’t you worry.

Well, on that uncomfortably homoerotic note…(Lt. Cmdr. Jadzia Dax…definitely)…I’ll be signing off! I’ll say thank you for yesterday’s track, and recommend you a song I’ve probably sent you before…but, since tonight was Earth Hour 2012, it seems the thing to send. Enjoy OYSTERBAND – PUT OUT THE LIGHTS.

P.S – If you get this before 20:30 EST, you’re still in time to take part in Earth Hour! It starts at 20:30 local time wherever you are! Grab a candle, switch off the lights and listen to the track – it’s what I did!

At 4:43pm on March 31, 2012, Benjamin E said…

Evening hen!

The weekend is here indeed – in fact, the holidays are here! Christopher decided that he wanted a Papa John’s today, so lunch turned into an event; we sat around the big TV watching Fellowship, it kind of rocked. XD

Pah, well who needs to do work? Firefly teaches you everything you need to know about life…a solid work ethic, compassion for your fellow man, how to be intimidating while wearing a flowery bonnet. Joss has it all covered!

Speaking of Joss, I got served by the Avengers trailer yesterday. =S I know, it takes some explaining…in short, after Black Widow says her "We need you to come in/I’ll persuade you” line to Banner, I said something very male, along the lines of “Oh Black Widow, you could bring me in any day of the week.” Ehem.

At which point, Loki remarked, “How desperate are you?!”

FMCR. (Fuck My Current Regeneration, naturally)

I know you’ll love Game of Thrones – it’s got Boromir in it, for goodness sake! Certainly more blood and nudity than, say, Merlin (which, when you consider Richard Wilson, is probably a good thing…then again…Katie McGrath…=p) but a solidly written TV show, and unflinchingly loyal to the book.

We haven’t held a video chat yet! We’ll have to agree when to do one of those in advance, so I don’t look dreadful; I often sit down to the laptop after the bath, and my hair rarely looks kept after 20:00. Obviously I couldn’t let Great Britain down by appearing on American soil looking the scruff! You know, it’s so weird you mention Christmas Music – I ate a couple of Quality Street chocolates today, and was instantly transported back to December! Tins of Quality Street are very much a Christmas tradition in this house, and the Orange Cream had me humming ‘Merry Xmas Everyone’ before I knew what was happening.

You could be in NYC as I type this, in that case – after my bath I’ll head over to Skype, see if you are around.

I haven’t actually been to Majorca in 4 years; since 2008 every family holiday I spent visiting with my ex, but since we broke it off last year I’m finally free to go! We do go to the same place…despite all Dad’s scheming, we don’t have a place out there yet. We always go with the same agency though, they keep villas up in the mountains away from the touristy parts of Pollenca, so you can get some peace and quiet! We’ve had vineyards, one year the villa had turrets…and one year the roof fell in, but that is another story entirely. THIS YEAR, we’ve got one of the most awesome pools I’ve ever seen! Nearly as nice a view as that picture you sent me before. I’ve also come back looking like Doctor Zoidburg once, after a sunscreen-free Rugby match on the beach.

An Anglophile, eh? I’m sorry, but the suffix ‘phile’ has been utterly ruined – talk about one lot of bad apples ruining it for everyone! I could easily go through a tub of Ben & Jerry’s in a sitting…which I guess makes me an ‘icecreamaphile’...yup, still sounds like I touch underage desserts.

At 2:30pm on March 29, 2012, Benjamin E said…



The Zombie showdown went well then? XD Honestly, I wish I could take part, it sounds like just awesome fun. I’d of course have to turn up with a Nerf sawn-off and an Anduril-esque sword, or duel revolvers a la Mal Reynolds. Either way, I’d have to kick some serious arse.

You think the stadium is silly looking?! You’ve not seen the Olympic tower…in the words of Russell Howard, it looks like a crane shagging a rollercoaster. XD There is, however, a huge buzz surrounding the games that has reached EVERYONE to some degree – this is coming from someone who was hugely cynical about the whole affair from the start.

Oh, I’m very much ‘hip and happening’ – I’ve been listening to the Epic Rap Battles of History on YT, and I can spit some fairly imaginative lines myself; Christopher challenged me to a battle, didn’t know what hit him. =D Although my childhood was more Power Rangers orientated than TNMT, I might give the new film a watch…not that I’m expecting a reboot to rival ‘Batman Begins’ – this is Michael Bay we’re talking about!

Ah yes, I remember, fireworks are largely illegal to buy in the US…something I’ve never quite understood. I mean, if they’re illegal, how does anyone get their hands on some for July 4th? Are you all just in prison by July 5th? In this country you just have to be over 18, and bingo – as many explosives as you can fit in the boot of your car! XD The…plot, eh? Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me. ;)

I’d love to see Firefly back…but yeah, he’d need to bring back Wash somehow, if not Book as well. I just feel like Joss deliberately burned bridges in Serenity, you know? Much like Ashes to Ashes, the writers went in knowing that the show and the characters therein were having their final story played out. However, there is plenty of room to bring back Deep Space Nine! Fingers crossed, eh?

Star Trek and Captain America do count for something, yes…so long as you can put hand on heart and say that ‘something’ isn’t a Chris of the Pine OR Evans variety. =p I love that word, “shenanigans” – I’ll try to use it more often. If they are your favourite characters already, you need to hear the cast commentary – pure gold!

I know that the gnats (English Mosquitos, with a silent ‘g’) used to love biting me when I was young…I could be sitting in a room full of people and I’d get bitten to death, no one else was touched. Still, it may be the sheer amount of Orange Juice I drink now – apparently they don’t like the taste, and it seems to be working so far! We’ve just started getting Wasps back here too…I hate the little bastards!

So, to wrap this up before the third page, yes, Castle is well worth a watch, no, I do not have a man crush on Nathan Fillion…why would you say such a thing?! Really, no idea what you’re taking about…

OH, and have a listen to this, today’s recommended track: yet another song from Scrubs. It’sthe Churchills, ‘Everybody get what they deserve.’ ENJOY!

At 2:28pm on March 29, 2012, Benjamin E said…

Evening hen!

Well, I’m glad I finally managed to download Skype – was great to talk to you in real time yesterday! The Ning is fine, of course, but having an actual conversation was awesome. Was it just me, or did the whole 5 hour time difference become uber noticeable? XD I hope we get to talk like that more often.

I’ll do the same, and try to get at least half of my response done tonight! I need to be up early in the morning for driving, and I very much need to adjust my sleeping pattern by next Friday! I’m going to bed pretty much constantly between 02:00 and 03:00, so I’ll need to turn it completely around to be up by 01:30 for the drive to Gatwick.

I’ll be in Majorca for a week – and yeah, unfortunately I’ll be out of touch with the internet for all the whole time. On the other hand, I’m sure I’ll find something worthy of going in the next transatlantic package of awesomeness.
I’m watching Scrubs while I type this…I’ve not actually sat down to an episode of this for over a year, and I’m instantly reminded of how funny this was. I’m not sure how manly ‘giggling’ is, but I’m doing it every couple of seconds. XD

It was lovely here today too; I took the bus into town to meet some old college friends, we had a pub lunch, then made our way to the ice cream shop for afters (by the way; White Chocolate Chip FTW!)

It was almost exactly that – I think the old dears in the Post Office were just imagining John Wayne shooting Indian folk and President Clinton…doing what President Clinton does…ehem. Oh don’t you worry, you’ll have plenty of Cadbury’s chocolate when the package arrives; in fact, I don’t think that the Caramel bar comes in a larger size. Your parcel was bloody amazing; I’ve actually flown that flag from my window since it arrived! I like Life Savers – they’re sweeter than Polos I think, but not as minty. A fresh packet of Polos should make an entire room smell of mint within moments of being opened.


Oh, and I’ll be redeeming that ticket for a tour of New York, as soon as possible. =D

Yes, it does take somewhat longer to reply to these larger messages…in fact, my eyeballs have started to ache on more than one occasion…still, I don’t notice that much, it’s great to have someone to chat proper nerd culture with. I’ve always used Word for these messages, even the shorter ones, mainly because (as mentioned previously) my spelling is poor. Very poor. Skype, although it won’t help my spelling, is a fantastic invention.

We should definitely meet up in real life at some point; and you know what, we will. After all, I AM coming to America at some point in the next year – Zion is calling, as is Comic Con…and how could I visit the US of A without saying hi to my pen pal? Plus, I have that ticket for a guided tour of NYC, remember? We had a far better game in my old drama circles…if you ever meet old Eddplant mention the game ‘Ratchet Screwdriver,’ see if he doesn’t flinch. XD

I have a fairly good Mckellen impression down, but it’s from ‘Extras’ – “How do I act so well?” I think you’ve told me you’ve not seen it before, but a very funny show nonetheless. YES, Billy Connolly is one of my all-time favourite comedians; he was considered highly controversial in Britain during his younger touring days. In fact, Catholic groups in Scotland actually started picketing his gigs for a while after he made some jokes at the expense of the church.

I can’t wait to see him in the Hobbit though – even if he probably won’t feature till part 2! I’m very glad they’re splitting the movie, firstly for accuracy, and secondly because this will be the last march, so to speak; the last cinematic trip to Jackson’s Middle Earth, and the longer it lasts the happier I’ll feel. You know, I signed the ‘Make the Hobbit happen’ petition all the way back in 2005…can’t believe it’s finally going to happen. Still, I’m already dreading the end, at least to some extent…

At 7:08pm on March 24, 2012, Benjamin E said…



I must admit, when it comes to GTA games, Vice City was (and is) my favourite, though I haven’t played it for years. Give me Fallout New Vegas any day of the week, where you are actively encouraged to shoot mutants and drug fiends in the face, hard. =)

Oh, I’m already planning for the retreat to…how did Nick put it? “Go off in a massive way,” I believe were his words. Barbeques, music, drink, fireworks…everything you need to have to most epic of evenings, all being sought out and bought up as we speak. Oh, and Mr. Darcy (Colin Firth) famously emerged from a lake in the BBC adaptation…caused quite the commotion among female viewers in the UK, and still does to this day. =D

(So I don’t put you off tea, I’ll mention that your teeth should only get stained if you forgo brushing them regularly. So don’t worry; I’m sure you’re quite safe.)

Oh don’t you worry, come the day I’ll be in line waiting for my ticket, Avengers this year and Star Trek next – although, I’m still hoping for a TV revival sometime soon…come to think of it, Nerdfighters do spend an awful lot of time waiting for TV revivals that never come. Ah well, you know what they say…take my love, take my land…

17:00 till 19:00 hours tomorrow evening huh? Yeah, I’ll tune in, but do your best to say hi, and make sure to tell your friend that they’re playing live to London – you know, freak them out a bit, pile on the pressure. XD

Hey, if I’m staying up later to start the film night all my food will be cold or melted! Still, it would be an event. I think that maybe we should do cast commentary as well, since it’s hilarious to listen to them going on; I swear Billy & Dom would make a brilliant stand-up double act. Amazon would probably sell them for a good price too – come on, your DVD collection will never be complete until you own the ULTIMATE filmic masterpiece.

Actually, Mosquitos really aren’t a problem in this part of the country – yes, you might get one or two bites a year, but nothing more unless you’re allergic or you live near somewhere that they breed – we got rid of the old well on our property partly for that reason. I mention this because the hole opened itself up today, for want of nothing, which is why I left the garden and I’m now finishing this message at 00:46 hours.

The View was the most beautiful place I’ve ever been – I’ll take some pictures for you at Helen’s party, let you see what I’m talking about – just hope I can do it justice in a picture or two.

I might not have easy access to Firefly now, by LOVEFiLM does have ‘Castle’, which tells me that Nathan Fillion is awesome in or out of the brown coat.


Admiral Ackbar cereal, huh? Your tongue can’t repel flavour of THAT magnitude! Funny you should mention him, because my brother and I have agreed that should our aeroplane get hijacked by Muslim extremists, we’ll tackle the bastards AND mock them their war cry simultaneously; by shouting “ADMIRAL ACKBAR” as we jump them! We’ll either die heroes, or live as the greatest Nerds of all time.

I have indeed heard of Flight of the Concords – little known fact, Brett McKenzie’s father Peter played my namesake, King Elendil, in the opening sequence of The Fellowship of the Ring! I think they can be fairly funny, I did laugh at Albi the Racist Dragon. XD For my part, I’m recommending a song from Scrubs – because you know that show had all the best music. It’s ‘Beautiful World’ by Colin Hay.

At 7:04pm on March 24, 2012, Benjamin E said…

Morning hen!

Gosh, well this will be a very early reply – its only 15:24 here as I sit down to type, which makes it just about time for brunch where you are! Expect wide-awake English eloquence and top-notch elocution throughout.

Another change to the norm, I’m writing from the comfort of a bench in our back garden – the sun has most certainly got his hat on, and I’m out with a Pepsi in one hand and a copy of Fellowship in the other. This is the life, eh? And HOLIDAY in a fortnight! I’ll bring you back something from the Med, send it with the next package.

Oh, and speaking of, I (finally) managed to send it today – believe it or not, it caused quite a stir between the old dears at the local Post Office. I very much doubt the they’ve ever processed a letter or parcel going further afield than the Home Counties, so the land of Cowboys and Indians garnered more than a few ‘ooohs’ and ‘aaahs’.

Hey, there is nothing at all wrong with long replies, so long as you’re not trying to type after being awake for pressing on 24 hours….and I’ve always used MSWord for these messages, so that I can check my otherwise awful spelling when I’m done. I’m fairly glad that we turn out such large messages, in fact, seeing as I so enjoy reading them, and it’s the next best thing to actually sitting down and talking in real life! I do hope we get the chance – if only we could all up and move to Nerdfighteria Island, eh?

Still no Magneto eh? Not to worry, one week on Monday and LEGO release the new MARVEL sets, including a Mini-Magneto who I think would make a wonderful prop, should you ever need to give a presentation to a seminar on fictional Jewish people in American literature. All you need is a passable Ian Mckellen impression, and you could do the entire thing in character!

Ah, father dear – I took him to the Weald for a walk on Friday, and he tried to bury one of his pills in a molehill when he thought I wasn’t looking! It’s like the circle is complete, now I’m telling him off for not taking his medicine like a good chap! I haven’t told Mum about his antics – yet. I might be able to use that against him down the line… Mwahahaha.

As to the Saints films, there was a second (“Boondock Saints II – All Saints Day”) and there will be a third instalment of the franchise, which is in pre-production as we speak. It will have a St. Patrick’s Day release, either next year or 2014. I quite liked the films, if only because I’m quite the fan of Billy Connolly; I have most all of his stand-up DVDs and “Billy Connolly’s World Tour of New Zealand” remains one of my favourite TV shows to date.

Speaking of favourite TV shows, I’m currently jumping up and down (not literally, you understand) waiting for the return of ‘The Walking Dead’. I understand that Season Two has just finished it’s run in the US, so I’m more than ready to get watching…although there is currently no word on which of our TV stations will pick it up. I’ve been so keen to start that I’ve watched all of the Zombie movies on LOVEFiLM, no matter how low budget…I really hope I don’t have to start waiting for the DVDs to come out, a la ‘Bones’.

Ah ha, I’ve out packaged you! =p 1812, 2012…when are you Americans going to stop trying to out-do the British? =p I’m sure whatever you have sent will be awesome – after all, it was you that send it, and you are a Nerdfighter; ergo, awesomeness is assured. Plus, I think you’ll like what I’ve sent you; Polos, as you know, chocolate and that extra English something…I’ll give you a clue, though not an entirely helpful one: It has something to do with this summer’s Olympics. I do wish you could make it over here for the 2012 Games; it really will be a spectacular show, and a great time to be in London.

Of course I’m a man of my word – I’m an English Gentleman, after all, could I be anything else and not be shunned be decent London society?

At 7:49pm on March 21, 2012, Benjamin E said…



Sweet, I’ll look forward to that – transatlantic film night, with Pizza, cola, Ben & Jerry’s – the whole picture…but please, for your own sanity, don’t be the only nerdfighter who doesn’t own LoTR…save those Dollars, I’m sure they do a box set of all three extended.

You know, I’m really happy to hear you say that! I’m sending you something that would make a perfect ‘Get Jess to England’ moneybox, and I expect you to use it! I won’t tell you what though; only that it is the most English thing I could find. =) When you do make it back to the UK, we’ll go camping at Gilwell! Organise a party, you can meet some very cool English people and drink Mead to your heart’s content. Plus, The View – my spiritual home – is just beautiful at night. All of London before you, with stars and lights shining of the reservoir…how can you not fall in love with the place. Top that off with a campfire, a circle of good friends, guitar playing and everyone singing “Put Out The Lights on London City…”

If I die tomorrow, I’ll look back on that moment and call it fairest. =)

LOVEFiLM is an English thing, and they are pretty good for movies – better than Netflix, I’d say, BUT harder to use, and with NO Whedon and NO Marvel whatsoever. Also, while we only have Firefly and Dollhouse now, I get a feeling Netflix will get much better very quickly; it’s new, after all.

So, I’m going to wrap it up there and go get some sleep, ready to kill that old lady tomorrow…in the meantime, please forgive how long this reply has taken, and enjoy todays song recommendation; something a bit more mainstream than the usual, but nonetheless, a very cool track that always reminds me of rocking on The View; It’s ‘Rooftops’ by Lostprophets.

PS I LOVE ‘Summer in the City’ – well picked!

At 7:47pm on March 21, 2012, Benjamin E said…

Hello hen, greetings from London!

It’s been a weird few days…after finally recovering from the St. Patrick’s Day Massacre, we’ve had a great deal of bother with the solicitors (nothing serious, just they need to hurry themselves up) and I’ve had to babysit Dad, making sure he takes the pills the hospital gave him after last week’s operation, because obviously, grown men can’t be trusted to take medication on their own.

And he can’t, to be fair; every four hours without fail, he tries to find new, inventive reasons not to take them. I chased him to Weald today for the sake of two pills and a glass of water. XD

I love the Boondock Saints films – oh yes, there are two – and both feature the Big Yin himself, Bill ‘Dain Ironfoot’ Connolly. The interesting thing about the Boondocks, it’s the only film in which Billy survives long enough to be in the sequel. XD

So, in other news, easily as irritating as a 65 year pharmacophobe (it’s a word, honest!) your package is still sitting here, on my desk. Only it isn’t a package anymore, it’s a collection of things that are in need of a new box; the kind people at the Post Office wouldn’t accept it as I had wrapped it, I have to buy a proper, Post Office issue box. =/ I despair, I honestly do. Don’t worry hen, I’ll have it sent out ASAP, as soon as I get a poxy box.

In other, other news, I nearly killed an old boy on my driving lesson the other day – the car nearly rolled back into him, gave the poor sod an awful fright. I’ve got another lesson tomorrow, so yeah – knock down someone’s grandmother for another 50 points, who knows? =p

Speaking of traditional Britishness, I’ve just booked up to go on my church’s weekend away at the end of April, where we’ll be staying in a county house that looks, so I’m told, just like something out of a Jane Austin novel. Should the sun be shining, you can count on me doing a Mr. Darcy out of the lake…which, as it turns out you CAN swim in, if you don’t mind fighting off wild geese.

Now there is an excuse for an international public holiday if I’ve ever heard one – Avengers Day! I’ve got a feeling it would be a cross between Halloween and Christmas, where people both dress up and spend time with friends instead of family, AND have presents, on a MARVEL theme, of course. When you do get your own show - even if you’re going to be speaking on someone else’s show – let me know, and send me a link to listen, I’ll tune in online.

It’s common in Britain to visit the dentist twice a year, unless you need specific work done…not sure how different it is in the states. I suppose the stereotype came about because in the UK teeth were always sort of…cosmetic. I mean, you can have crooked yellow teeth, but if they serve their purpose; this was the prevailing attitude in the UK up until the late eighties, at least. OH, and tea is awfully staining, years of the stuff can turn one’s teeth the same colour as my page on the Ning! XD

Hmm, I’m sure that’s mostly fair, I’m both English and what you might call a ‘Royalist’…then again, I do find the collective Diana hysteria of Daily Express readers a bit much. I mean, it was a terrible shame that she died so young, and a shame for the young Princes, but really…forward we go, nation.

We’ll see how long it takes for this first package to reach you – I’d say they’d survive the trip so long as they were wrapped well, although there might be laws against sending dairy and fruit, wouldn’t want them getting stuck in customs. As for making the cupcakes – a manly hobby, I know – I’ll be experimenting with turning white chocolate into frosting…I’ll let you know the results as they come in.

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