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At 7:15pm on August 23, 2009, JonsVlogs said…
Ooh. I don't think I've met any others.
At 4:16pm on August 23, 2009, JonsVlogs said…
Ooh sweet :D Yeah I went on wednesday and put them in XD I decided to print them off, because it would be easier to make multiple copies of it, and people wouldn't have to struggle to read my writing XD

It's great to have finally found someone in Oshawa who is also a nerdfighter :D
At 4:12pm on August 11, 2009, Zombie King Richtofen said…
i hate not being able to reach a point of lucidity a point where your body and mind are lost when you dream your body from your neck down is paralyzed and your eyes move so fast that the movment becomes reality
At 10:44pm on August 6, 2009, Zombie King Richtofen said…
i have tryed meditation before but all that happens is as soon as i fully relax i strat thinking to myself and get unconcetrated, but yea i know what you mean i used to staying in bed for a few hours looking at the sky and twiddling my thumbs basicly, but then i complained to my docter and they put me on a regulated sleep medication gets me asleep alot faster now. I sacrificed my dreams for it though because while it is sleep it is only between the stages 2 and 3 in the rem cycle making it so i dont get a very deep sleep for my time or one where i dream often when i can remember them
At 3:41pm on July 31, 2009, Zombie King Richtofen said…
i really like staying up extremly late during the summer but its not insomnia. how do you deal with it?
At 1:13pm on July 31, 2009, Mina Markliff said…
Yeah, the quiz said Ravenclaw was my next likely house to be sorted into. One question tipped it! Slytherins are clever too - they're just more cunning than the other houses! Anyway, the Sorting Hat always listens to requests, doesn't it? I'd probably ask to be in Ravenclaw just because of the nicer company. Slytherins may not all be evil as such, but judging from the films they tend to be a bit slimy and most of the nerdfighters are apparently in Ravenclaw! Your house sounds good too, though. Make a group!

It sucks that you have to go to sleep clinic. I hope they can sort the problem before you go insane with lack of sleep!
At 7:37am on July 27, 2009, Mina Markliff said…
I have insomnia too. (Sorry, read your comment on Kenny's page and it made me think of me.)
At 1:27am on July 27, 2009, Zombie King Richtofen said…
Omg i would love to never be tired again but then you get most of your development and healing done while your are sleeping so while enjoyable not always pratical and
when do you decide to lay down in bed then so you can plan those 4 hours out
At 12:50am on July 25, 2009, Zombie King Richtofen said…
oh god i wish i could just sleep, but i have work so stay up late to go work early and wonder why i do it all.. lol
At 10:53am on July 24, 2009, Zombie King Richtofen said…
^^ thanks, i like your picture it looks mysterious.
so how goes it?
At 4:41pm on August 20, 2008, JonsVlogs said…
Yay for best friendness XDD Yess, we should :D
At 4:34pm on August 20, 2008, JonsVlogs said…
Woahhh another Nerdfighter from Oshawa! Woo!

Well, technically I moved to Courtice, but yeah. Regardless haha.

Sorry for such a random comment XD
At 6:18am on August 20, 2008, PostmodernMacro said…
samborina89 -at- is my MSN thingie. I dunno if I put it on my page or not. =3
At 9:58pm on August 19, 2008, PostmodernMacro said…
That could work, I guess.
Sounds like what I was thinking except that Fridays are free days. So, like the first week of the month, I'll have the challenge, the second week you do, the third week someone else, etc.? (Just as an example.)

PS: If you want to add me on MSN or AIM so we can talk about this a little smoother, just ask. (This goes for the rest of you ladies, too.)
At 3:57pm on August 19, 2008, Libby said…
HEY. Sorry I wasn't on before, I was playing an epic game of Monopoly, but I just read your post on the forum so I added you as a friend and yeah. So this project is going to be awesome. :)
At 8:10am on August 19, 2008, PostmodernMacro said…
Okay, about your message. It's a good idea, but rather than making the challenges a competition and having nerdfighters vote, each person could just... be assigned a challenge they have to do. Like John having to discuss the political situation in ____ while eating _____.
Also, since there are four of us, we could each take a day of the week to vlog/discuss challenges, then use Friday (or Monday, or whenever) as challenge day.

PS Just as an FYI--I figured out how to get my webcam to record video. Woo! The downside is that all of my videos will have to take place indoors. 'cause it's a symbiotic creature and requires a host for its survival. So just keep that in mind when issuing challenges.

Anyway, those are my thoughts. ^w^

PPS Okay Kris is here and I am not Senior McOldPants anymore. =3 GOD THAT WAS A LONG MESSAGE
At 10:33pm on August 18, 2008, bombsfadeaway said…
i'd totally be game for this! i need motivation to buy a new video camera anyway. =P

Name: Kris
Age: 21 (and you thought you were old, Sammi)
Location: Oregon
Gender: dude looks like a lady
YouTube name: boguspenguin (though i'd probably use spatchcicle for the project)
Vlog Name: (i'll have to think about this. depends on if we have mixed/same gender...and the interests of the group)
# of people willing to work with: i think a mon-fri thing would be the cleanest, so...four others?
At 10:15pm on August 18, 2008, Meaghan said…
Aww, I'm already in a vlog project, sorry :[ But good luck with yours! Let me know when you guys start and what you're called, and I'll be sure to tune in :DDD

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