Monsters Anonymous: S1E2: Competitions With Dead People: Full Episode

In which Seth and Death compete against each other, Bob competes for Bethany, and Nick is terribly mysterious.
Produced by Minty Pineapple Entertainments and Tasteful Tuna.
Starring: Josh Spurgin as Seth, Joe Heath as Bob and the Announcers, Vincent E.L. as Nick, Jillanna Babb-Cheshul as Bethany, Brad Heath as Death, Ray Friesen as Gary, Jez Layman ( ) as Random Person, Daniel McCulloch as Kid #3, Lizzie McCulloch as Kid #1, Samuel McCulloch as Kid #2, Bruce Scott as Landlord, Rachel Erin Scott as Kid #4, Jamie Spurgin as Deadpan Actor, Helen Hamilton as Opening Credits Victim, and Joshua Wooten as Additional Voice in Crowd.
Lizzy Shemp: Josh Spurgin.
Mon Anon and Lizzy Winters logo by Ray Friesen:
Camera Operators: Joe Heath, Brad Heath, Hope Heath, and Josh Spurgin.
Mic Operators: Joe Heath, Brad Heath, Hope Heath, and Josh Spurgin.
Executive Producer: Joe Heath.
Producer: Brad Heath.
Music by Vincent E.L.
Romeo and Juliet Music by Pjotr Tjajkovskij.
Written and Edited by Joe Heath and Vincent E.L.
Directed by Joe Heath.

  • Currently 5/5 stars.

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