Jennnn's Videos (15)

  • Chemical Love Cover (Vidcon Montage)

    Chemical Love Cover (Vidcon Montage)

    Hey guys so this was the video I originally did all the paint pictures for but then they all got de… Jennnn Aug 5, 2011 5/5 stars 13 views

  • Esther Earl Day

    Esther Earl Day

    So this video is in honor of nerdfighter Esther Earl. I think she was truly a beautiful person and… Jennnn Aug 4, 2011 38 views

  • Vidcon was fun

    Vidcon was fun

    Can you count how many times I said fun? I feel like I said it 1000 times..haha. But yes, vidcon wa… Jennnn Aug 1, 2011 6 views

  • My Nerd History

    My Nerd History

    So I recorded this off my lap top so sorry for crappy audio :/ But I'm finally in the summer mode s… Jennnn Jun 7, 2011 10 views

  • I have organic chemistry tourettes.

    I have organic chemistry tourettes.

    Hey guys. I know I fail at uploading my Gallifrey One video, but here's a fun vlog instead!! Yay! N… Jennnn Apr 3, 2011 14 views

  • Valentine Cover

    Valentine Cover

    This is Valentine by Kina Grannis. I wanted to post this on Valentine's Day but that didn't happen… Jennnn Feb 27, 2011 7 views

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