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  • Math is Awesome

    Math is Awesome

    yes this is late, I know I will be punished. But there were some very difficult difficulties world… Tags: accio, late Mae Mar 26, 2010 13 views

  • What?


    honestly, I don't know whats wrong with me. That was a strangeeeeeeeee video :/ haha! intro :) jus… Tags: o', barrel Mae Mar 26, 2010 3 views

  • The Kiss

    The Kiss

    one of my favorite soundtracks- from: "The Last of the Mohicans" Tags: lewis, awesome Emily Nov 8, 2008 5/5 stars 26 views

  • Bad Luck

    Bad Luck

    This is me telling you why life sucks right now. But its not to bad Look at this! WHAT!? THIS! IS M… Tags: day, bad Mad Prophet (Craig) Sep 21, 2008 6 views

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