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  • VEDA Zwei!

    VEDA Zwei!

    Trips to the library, more experiences with Easter candy, and the New York Ballet Workout. Thank y… Tags: faith, community Sharon Apr 13, 2009 30 views

  • VEDA What!

    VEDA What!

    Bandwagon Anyone? But seriously, vlogging every day is going to be blastilicious! Tags: faith, community Sharon Apr 13, 2009 5/5 stars 28 views

  • HamMock-ing!


    I am spending 6 months of service working for Covenant House in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Check out the w… Tags: house, faith Sharon Apr 13, 2009 27 views

  • Haus: Webisode 0

    Haus: Webisode 0

    Dr. Haus reveals his new identity in a rather unorthodox fashion. House footage is the property of… Tags: spoof, funny Travis Nov 4, 2008 5/5 stars 34 views

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