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  • me and my lamp..

    me and my lamp..

    This is pretty self explanatory... Basically, it was one of those just-lying-there-trying-to-sleep-… Tags: scouting, righteous Sam May 14, 2008 10 views

  • Technology


    title is pretty self explainatory. But I did not inclued all of my opinions on this matter cause I… Tags: microwave, make Sam May 14, 2008 16 views

  • "Luck" outtakes

    "Luck" outtakes

    If you wanna see the actual video these outtakes are from go to… Tags: sam, nails Sam May 14, 2008 15 views

  • Baby Project: Week 10

    Baby Project: Week 10

    Ultra sounds and pregnancy flatulance... and please forgive my not so awsome hair.. I know it is ba… Tags: project, week Nichelle May 14, 2008 31 views

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Here are some YT links to channels related to Nerdfighteria and educational content!

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