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Media Impact on Teens' Ideas for Their Futures 10 Replies

As a current High School student I know first hand how much kids are expected to plan their lives from a very early age. By 8th grade my home economics teacher had us do a presentation on what we wanted to be “when we grow up” and what college we…Continue

Started by Meg W in Debates, Intellectual Discourse, and Current Events. Last reply by BP Apr 16.

More Than This by Patrick Ness - February's Blurbing Book Club 1 Reply

So for February, I'd like to choose More Than This by Patrick Ness.  1. Read the book. 2. Come back to this forum and leave your thoughts about the book. You can write a sentence, you can write an essay, it doesn't matter, whatever you want. 3.…Continue

Started by Michelle in Books & The Blurbing Book Club. Last reply by Rebecca Kent Mar 25.


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It's All Geek to Me


Three letters that express so much indifference, laziness, mild disappointment, and a general malaise to one's own existence, but there is also much more to that small interjection. It proves a point that language is not static. It morphs (like a verbal giant mechazoid,) with each new generation, each new year, and even with each new Netflix original.

In case you are unaware, Meh is a term that was coined by The Simpsons all the way back in…

Posted by Adam J Brunner on April 15, 2015 at 11:56am

Bachelor thesis on Nerdfighteria (Questionnaire)


I'm a student at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden. Right now I'm in the process of writing my Bachelor thesis in Global Studies, and have chosen the subject of Nerdfighteria. More specifically the purpose of my study is to examine ideas among Nerdfighters about things like society, morals and action for positive change. 

The material for the essay will be a selection of the answers to a questionnaire and six depth interviews with different Nerdfighters (participants in the questionnaire who agree to be interviewed). I would be glad if some of you would answer my questionnaire. Unfortunately, because of research ethical decisions and practical decisions I've had to make, you have to be 21 or over to participate - but I will share my results with all of you here afterwards, if you're interested. 

Here is the link for the questionnaire: …


Posted by Tova Crossler Ernström on April 6, 2015 at 7:34am

Visually Nerdfighters.

Posted by Dave Johnson on March 12, 2015 at 5:41pm

The feels

Posted by Lothian Tam ~ Admin ~ on February 12, 2015 at 2:03pm — 3 Comments


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DigMeUp replied to DigMeUp's discussion What is the most difficult game or games that you have played? in the group PS3 Nerdfighters!
"I think it was a colossal mistake to not have a cheat system for the PS3. Not everyone is a super super gamer. Also sometimes there are still game glitches that can only be corrected with a cheat system."
54 minutes ago
Vertigo_One [Ops Mod] replied to Maggs Science's discussion Why haven't guns been outlawed yet?
"You are a callous person. "
3 hours ago
Vertigo_One [Ops Mod] replied to Latch33570's discussion AFFIRMATIVE ACTION
"There is some data to suggest relatively limited self inflicted problems. There's far more data to suggest these problems are caused externally."
3 hours ago
Latch33570 replied to Latch33570's discussion AFFIRMATIVE ACTION
"The data states that white men are openly discriminated against. The data also finds that they hold themselves back in order to not appear acting white. Open discrimination is wrong for the govt to do in this day and age especially for decades and…"
4 hours ago
Latch33570 replied to Maggs Science's discussion Why haven't guns been outlawed yet?
"Providing disability benefits is not welfare IMO. Also all charity should be voluntarily given or it is stealing. Let's not get into this. We just disagree. Let us just say that because it enables women to afford to not be tied down to a man it…"
4 hours ago
Vertigo_One [Ops Mod] replied to Maggs Science's discussion Why haven't guns been outlawed yet?
"That's not all welfare is for. Answer me this. I currently rent a house, with my wife who is disabled and cannot work. If I lost my job, in what way is it evil that the state provides me money to tide me over until I get a new job? If it…"
4 hours ago
Ursula Wright posted a discussion

the next marvel movie

Last week i saw the new avengers movie. so i wonder what marvel character would you like the next movie to be about?i´d personally want to see a prequel with hawkeye and blackwidows origin story. See More
5 hours ago
Chelsea-Nicole Warren replied to DigMeUp's discussion What is the most difficult game or games that you have played? in the group PS3 Nerdfighters!
"I'd have to say the most difficult game I've played so far is Diablo III (RPG) mainly when I'm not playing a wizard or monk. If I'm playing as a barbarian, it's really hard since most of the bosses I've fought so far…"
6 hours ago

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