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Striving towards a Gender-less Society? 21 Replies

As someone who is Agender Pansexual I have never understood the point of gender roles in our society. Its just something that I don't personally see. Do you think that as society progresses these 'gender roles' we have will dissipate? And is there…Continue

Tags: LGBTQ+, gender

Started by Darby Tyler in Debates, Intellectual Discourse, and Current Events. Last reply by Kailey Jordan Gray yesterday.

Official Discussion for Maggot Moon by Sally Gardner

For January 2015, I have chosen Maggot Moon by Sally Gardner to be the Blurbing Book Club selection. From now until the 31st of January, I urge you to do the following...1. Read the book. 2. Come back to this forum and leave your thoughts about the…Continue

Tags: january, club, book, blurbing

Started by Michelle in Books & The Blurbing Book Club Dec 30, 2014.


Blog Posts

Let's play Crusader Kings 2: The Quest for Britannia!

Warning, slight usage of strong language between videos. 

In this series, Tam ventures into the grimy past of Britain and the known world with an unlikely ally, the king of Wessex, King Dar Lando. Whilst he manages the uncoof lords of the south, Tam himself shall battle the grumpy sods that inhabit Pictland, the ancient north eastern Kingdom of Scotland. Who shall die and who will prosper? That is anyone's guess.

Posted by Lothian Tam ~ Admin ~ on January 26, 2015 at 11:12am

Elite: Dangerous - Commander's Journal Entry three

The Galaxy is in a precarious position, the Emperor has fallen gravely ill, leaving the already volatile political situation even more tattered. More and more combat zones are popping up as factions from all major powers maneuver to gain as much as possible in this unstable time. Something big is about to happen....

Posted by Lothian Tam ~ Admin ~ on January 25, 2015 at 5:47am

Tropes: Stuffed in the Fridge

Tropes are all around us, on TV, in books, film, and video games. They  allow us to compartmentalize concepts so that our brains don't have to waste too much processing power over-thinking certain ideas, which is both good and bad. After all, when two guys show up with bad Italian/Brooklyn accents in nice suits, our brain tells us that they are gangsters and we don't have to over think it. The authors, directors, and character actors of the world would tell us this is a good thing. After all, these two goons will probably be killed off in the next scene by our hero and the audience doesn't need twelve minutes of back story to understand…

Posted by Adam J Brunner on January 13, 2015 at 12:00pm

Elite: Dangerous - Commander's Journal Entry two

In this second episode Commander Chef-Jitus finds himself in a Hauler, his new cargo ship. He intends to make a career transition to trading, Nikki thinks it is safer. Freelance work is dangerous no doubt, but at least you are normally the one doing the hunting. Will the commander be able to avoid the space pirates that plague the Galaxy? Will he be able to resist the road to easy money by nefarious means?...

Posted by Lothian Tam ~ Admin ~ on January 11, 2015 at 11:13pm


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Latch33570 replied to Zachary Packard's discussion Gun Control
"I may have misinterpreted a lot of stuff.  I am ok with some regulations such as the loopholes in the background checks. Other than that I don't think more regulations will do anything to help. Things like when young kids getting hold of…"
23 minutes ago
Stella Pas replied to Mary Napier's discussion De-suck list
"If you have books or small things that you don't like and don't know who you could give it to, put a sticky note on it with "For who finds this" and put it in a shelf at your local supermarket or any other public place."
27 minutes ago
Stella Pas replied to Ose Arheghan's discussion Book recommendations?
"I never read SF but a while ago I started in Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams and it was great! Really funny and stirring. It is a trilogie in five parts (yes, that's what it says on the cover). And I saw somebody mentioned it…"
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Stella Pas replied to Chris McClure's discussion What song are you listening to right now?
"No Vowels from Big Business. If you like dark and really loud music, this could be your thing ;) PS Sure! Poetry counts!"
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Stella Pas replied to Vertigo_One [Ops Mod]'s discussion Isn't Atheism a crutch?
"Oops, so sorry! I'm new here and I didn't see there where already I lot of comments so I just wrote a response on the first text without reading the comments."
49 minutes ago
Stella Pas replied to Vertigo_One [Ops Mod]'s discussion Isn't Atheism a crutch?
"I agree with you that atheism can be something to hold on to. As an atheist myself I can find it very comforting to know that after death, there is nothing. Not because I'm afraid to be send to any unpleasant afterlife but just because (here…"
51 minutes ago
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