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JMe replied to Claire What'shername's discussion What happens at the Pool? in the group Sherlock Nerdfighters
"If there's anything we know about the Moff from Doctor Who two parters, we know he loves easy fixes for cliffhangers. It will be resolved in a few seconds, or even in a flashback. The series opener is based on A Scandal in Bohemia, I think."
Aug 9, 2011
Claire What'shername replied to JuliaLovesBooks's discussion People Poking Fun at Your Music! in the group Indie Rock NerdFighters
"God, I know exactly how this is. I was playing OASIS (Not even indie!) and everyone was like 'What the Hell? Oh, Claire. You again. Please turn up Rihanna.' Only with more accent. Anyhow, nobody has heard of the music I listen to. Which…"
Jun 14, 2011
Claire What'shername replied to Caitlin McCarthy's discussion What is your favourite Indie Band? in the group Indie Rock NerdFighters
"I love Bombay Bicycle Club, myself. I have them on viynl, which is slightly... but they're awesome. It's OK."
Jun 14, 2011
Claire What'shername joined SolShine7's group

Indie Rock NerdFighters

For those who love indie rock music!
Jun 14, 2011
Clocks In My Place replied to Claire What'shername's discussion What happens at the Pool? in the group Sherlock Nerdfighters
"I'm very curious too. I'm mostly wondering, though, how do Sherlock and John avoid being shot by Moriarty's snipers?"
May 2, 2011
Claire What'shername commented on Reese's photo
Apr 26, 2011
Claire What'shername commented on Jeffrey Adam Guion's blog post Top 100 Books: Review #1
"I LOVE this book, but I see what you're getting at. Though I love the bit at the end. It adds detail. "
Apr 26, 2011
Claire What'shername replied to Hillary D's discussion Physics, Math, Astronomy in the group Nerdfighter Tutoring and Mentoring
"Thanks a lot! This helps a ton!"
Apr 20, 2011
Claire What'shername commented on Dylan Kettering's photo

The Ultimate Chair

"Is it OK if I started salivating like a rabid dog when I saw this?"
Apr 18, 2011
Claire What'shername commented on Jenna L'Orden's photo


"I think I'm about to die laughing. It's the Lord of the Onion Rings!"
Apr 18, 2011
Claire What'shername replied to Hillary D's discussion Physics, Math, Astronomy in the group Nerdfighter Tutoring and Mentoring
"I feel so stupid, but I need help with ratios! And if you could explain it in layman's terms for my classmates that would also be awesome... my maths teacher does not work on a whole and I should bring her back to the shop."
Apr 18, 2011
Claire What'shername joined thad's group

Nerdfighter Tutoring and Mentoring

If you can offer help to a fellow nerdfighter in a particular subject, let them know here. Similarly, if you need help with something, members of this group who offer their services are available either here or in the chat room so you can discuss.See More
Apr 18, 2011
Sofie replied to Claire What'shername's discussion What happens at the Pool? in the group Sherlock Nerdfighters
"Sherlock's lovely brother, who is supposed to be stalking him so should know that he went to the pool in the first place will maybe come to the rescue with lots of armed backup! OR...the bomb isn't actually a bomb and Sherlock knows this…"
Apr 13, 2011
Claire What'shername and Alex Ball are now friends
Mar 10, 2011
Claire What'shername joined Kitty Crayon's group

Nerd? We prefer the term "intellectual badass".

We all get it. "Nerd" has a somewhat negative and stereotypical connotation. "Intellectual badass" just sounds. . . Well. . . . Badass.
Mar 10, 2011

Profile Information

What Kind of Nerdfighter Are You?
I am a Theatrical nerdfighter!!
About Me:
I am, I was, or I will be introduced to the whole nerdfighters scene by my first ever youtube band, the immortal Chameleon Circuit. Sitting here, at home, plugged into my laptop and reading the Scott Pilgrim graphic novels. Made of Awesome, ye ken?
Favorite Books, Movies, Music, and more
de de de, de de de, de de de DAA, whoo-eeEEee-ooooh....
Yes, another Doctor who fan. And also Terry Pratchett, whose recent work of literacy wonder I shall wear Midnight rocked my socks off!! Also! Legend of Zelda! Also! Professor Layton! Also! Pixar and, last but by no means least...Eddplant. And Paramore. And, indeed, Alex Day. OOooh, and Murray Gold. And, and and...
What's your favorite thing to put on your head?
My Headphones, or my cap which I only bought because it remined me of Luigi's...
If you could do your happy dance with anyone who would it be with?
Anyone... Aaaanyone.. That is a seret only I can disclose.
When did you start watching the Vlogbrothers?
October, 2010
Make up your own DFTBA initialism!
Do Fail Terribly, But Awesomely...

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Specialist Bookshop, ProsAndCons

There's one in my town. Is there one in yours? WHAT? You have more than one?

OK, OK, be grateful, Claire, it's not going to 1) kill you, or 2) make you change bookshops. Seriously. My one's better than yours. It's SO COOL. And there's a Lord of the Rings 50th anniversary edition, which makes me go cross eyed, because it's a beautiful hard-backed all-in-one edition, but it costs 42 euros, so it's out of the question, worst luck, but I like to look at it. It's in an ACTUAL glass case,…


Posted on March 1, 2011 at 11:00am

OK, So Artemis Fowl, yeah?

I quite like kid's books. Lauren Child,  Hilary McCay, Those Terry Pratchetts for younger readers, Roald Dahl... the list goes on...

But at my local library, my choice afternoon hangout, (No John Green yet though) there's one guy who kinda stands out. His name is Eoin Colfer, and I believe you have him over the pond... anyway, his books are hard to get into, but when actually interested, the rest of reality goes ghjfghj.... and fades away. And there's more. The books feature…


Posted on February 3, 2011 at 1:00pm

Finished! But Not For Long...

I finished The Fellowship of The Ring! Hooray! But I got a bit huffy with the ending. OK, I was huffy for a long time...

So, I walked into school, and happily join in a conversation about Harry Potter, which ended with The Great Books vs Movies Debate, so I chipped in with my piece, and...

Lord Of The Rings is a book, too?

YES. Yes, oh poor, deprived, uncaring child, Lord of The Rings is very definitely a book too. I kinda felt a little bad, so…


Posted on January 21, 2011 at 3:09pm — 2 Comments


Unfortunately, recently my dear old 'Work hard' button has been left unpressed, and the reason for this is, of course, Lord of the Rings. I decided I MUST read it, as the whole world had already, so I picked it up, and the rest of the world turned to grey and smished together and all that. Anyway, I have about 100 things to do, but while Frodo's epic quest still questing, I have no time to do it in. D: On the plus side, I am singing May It Be, y'know that Enya song... :D

Also. Brian…


Posted on January 13, 2011 at 3:00pm — 1 Comment

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