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HMMMMMM- doesnt know quite what to write *awkward*

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"Hot damn. I'm on FYI :p"
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Thought that (since I haven't been on for years) I should put on a new picture
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MOCK THE WEEK WINS.... End ofgimme your fav comedian that has been on mock the week be it guest or regular... xDSee More
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MOCK THE WEEK WINS.... End ofgimme your fav comedian that has been on mock the week be it guest or regular... xDSee More
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MOCK THE WEEK WINS.... End ofgimme your fav comedian that has been on mock the week be it guest or regular... xDSee More
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MOCK THE WEEK WINS.... End ofgimme your fav comedian that has been on mock the week be it guest or regular... xDSee More
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MOCK THE WEEK WINS.... End ofgimme your fav comedian that has been on mock the week be it guest or regular... xDSee More
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May 18, 2011

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an EXTREMELY weird one- who cares too much :D
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I'm 15

Very weird :D

Am always Listening to music...and podcasts... and more music :/, and anytype of music- seriously, even to the extremes e.g. classic and heavy metal- LOVE IT ALL

I ALWAYS have a book with me, cause I bum reading

Yes I do say Bum things- I cant help it- you wiill get used to it :D

I try to love everyone (and no Im not a hippy- but hippys do rock) simply cause I cant be bothered to hate things (tis a waste of emotion)

I follow the religion of Wicca- which is quite cool :D (Y)

I get bored easily... and LOVE meeting people

My Favorite word EVER, is of course... FEPIC... WOOP WOOP

Charlotte needs a special helmet (true)
Charlotte looks like the disney princess ariel (beyond false)
Charlotte wants to retire at 17 (sooo false)
Charlotte does drugs (hmm, yea false)
Charlotte hates math (true)
Charlotte asks why dont we see heavy snow or blizzards? (DO I?)
Charlotte likes messy foods (only if someone else cleans)
Charlotte eats restaurants on citysearch (no?)
Charlotte wears dress, £560 (NEVER do I wear dresses!!!)
Charlotte was arested for harrassing 911 operators to complain that a local pizza place wouldn't deliver a single slice (now thats a good charge)
Charlotte loves bridget jones knickers (FALSE)

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Well- I love loads of books- hmm

Twilight saga...Sweep/Wicca saga...Stuff of Nightmares...Private Peaceful...House of night series...the book of General Ignorance...Jinx... and Starlgirl/love,Stargirl... And all of Mr Green's WONDERFUL literature :D
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A banana :/
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ummm- i dunnno- I love EVERYONE soo much :/
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Lottie's Blog

Just for you.

I sit, stand, pace: I know I am walking but in reality I am going nowhere. No matter how hard I push, how far one foot goes in front of the other, I will never go anywhere. In the end the thing with pacing is it takes you one way and then back again, it's a constant retracing of steps, always familiar ground. You can not travel as you pace.

I lie down, stare at the stars, think: Indeed I am sifting through thoughts, but these thoughts are not being organised, or concidered or even… Continue

Posted on February 23, 2010 at 4:16pm — 1 Comment

another poem

again written in physics,

Empty faces criticise

what they don't understand.

Scrutinise and glare,

un-compassionate and uncaring.

They don't concider

what they say

yelping rules and regulations

spreading rumour and s***,

un-thinking and unloving.

Yet some are loved more than I.

They are wanted and needed.

Cared for, well-off.

I ask myself why, though I know the truth:

I am wrong

I am the… Continue

Posted on January 18, 2010 at 8:00am

ranodm thing

Another random poem thing i wrote in physics:

Open my eyes and look in the light,

though it's blinding me, I refuse to fight.

I'll let it swallow me- eat my heart whole,

it can devour my life and subdue my soul.

But nothing happens as I fade away,

I just lie there my life at bay.

Disconnected from what I once knew,

I just lie there, nothing I can do.

All my hope is gone,

left to rot,

never know

I'm what time… Continue

Posted on January 9, 2010 at 10:30am

Family tree- wat i know of it

ok this is wat i know of the family tree thus far-


Kaite= Jake(pirate) and Bexxie and X's Mum

X= Fatima and Kelli and Beth and Chris and Aj and Jet and Jonny and Jenna and Kuhi and Lottie's mum

Kuhi=Luke and Sammi and Ron and Wes's Mum

Lottie= Bri :D and Caitlyn and Kristian and Banana (hannah :)) Tom2 and Mina's mum

Bexxie=M.M.M (nikki)


Kuhi married to Andrei

Lottie married to Jonny G and Kelli and Kristian… Continue

Posted on September 30, 2009 at 12:30pm — 19 Comments

The Darkness

ok so this is a really Sh*tty poem/ thing that i wrote in physics- I try to make this poem have a deeper meaning, but im not good at writing so *shrugs*

Umm comment :D

They mope in the shadows, waiting and watching,

moving as the shadows change shape.

Hiding in mid-day, cowering from the sweltering sun,

praying for a cloud to save them;

to make the city theirs;

to cover it in shadows,

allowing them to roam.

They… Continue

Posted on September 15, 2009 at 12:52pm — 4 Comments

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At 11:24am on February 22, 2011, Pilár said…
hahahahaha are you the one who dated the creepy old man on the internet
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At 6:08pm on January 21, 2011, Robert Raymond Holmes said…
hay I'll be in the chat rooms more often so yah come see me
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At 10:09am on December 03, 2010, someone gave Lottie a giftAnonymous
Hey. Tagged, you're it! It's December now, which means: AIDS Awareness Month! Let's raise AIDS awareness and gift this ribbon to two friends! :D
At 10:31am on August 21, 2010, Ryan The Awesome gave Lottie a gift
At 1:31pm on August 3, 2010, Gary said…
Do you know what plans are in place for Edinburgh and who's organising?
At 3:11pm on June 25, 2010, Joseph Baltazar said…
Going on a year I think. I just always knew you as Lottie I guess.
At 10:56pm on June 22, 2010, Joseph Baltazar said…
I always thought Lottie was a weird name but it wasn't until now that I managed to notice that your name is Charlotte. (I feel dumb!)

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