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Maximus Prime replied to Nia D's discussion Any writers interested? in the group I *heart* Steampunk
"If you're looking for voice acting I'd be happy to throw myself into the mix. "
Jan 17, 2012
Nia D replied to Nia D's discussion Any writers interested? in the group Steampunk Nerdfighters
"I've talked it over with my partner and we've agreed that the spring gliders are suitable for this steampunk world. In regards to the time period we would like to stick to the Victorian period. I do realize that Scott Westerfeld set…"
Oct 24, 2011
aj left a comment for Nia D
"hey i was wondering what instrument you play: )"
Oct 23, 2011
aj replied to Nia D's discussion Any writers interested? in the group Steampunk Nerdfighters
"in the book the popular mode of geting from a to b is air ship but there are allso two kinds of gliders, the first is gas fueled [i know that that is called desle punk] but the other kind is pedle powered and spring…"
Oct 22, 2011
Nia D replied to Nia D's discussion Any writers interested? in the group Steampunk Nerdfighters
"I have read Airborn! It's been a while though, can you refresh my memory on how they work and we'll let you know? Thanks!"
Oct 22, 2011
aj replied to Nia D's discussion Any writers interested? in the group Steampunk Nerdfighters
"i have a question about rule 5.5.1 , it says on airships can travle in the air, well what about spring powerd gliders like in airborne [airboren is a great book by kenith ople about a cabin boy on a air ship]"
Oct 22, 2011
Nia D left a comment for aj
"Steampunk is indeed win :)"
Oct 22, 2011
Nia D and aj are now friends
Oct 22, 2011
Nia D replied to Nia D's discussion Any writers interested? in the group Writer Nerdfighters!
"We won't be really starting things until around April once both of us are done with school and have some more time. And we're definitely aware of NaNoWriMo, best of luck to you! We've posted submission guidelines on our blog so if you…"
Oct 22, 2011
Nia D replied to Nia D's discussion Any writers interested? in the group Steampunk Nerdfighters
"You can totally help from home. You don't need a webcam because everything is in audio form!!! We just posted more information about submissions so check out our blog!"
Oct 22, 2011
Nia D commented on Catherine Kill's group Steampunk Nerdfighters
"Hey aj, another good steampunk book is boneshaker (which also has zombies which just makes it 10 times more awesome)"
Oct 22, 2011
Alix Cohen replied to Nia D's discussion Any writers interested? in the group Writer Nerdfighters!
"Sounds like fun! Dunno how good I'd be at steampunk, but I'll definitely give it a try."
Oct 21, 2011
David N replied to Nia D's discussion Any writers interested? in the group Writer Nerdfighters!
"Definitely! I might be a bit busy with NaNoWriMo, though, but I'd definitely like to help"
Oct 21, 2011
aj replied to Nia D's discussion Any writers interested? in the group Steampunk Nerdfighters
"At the beginning of the summer I started working of a steam punk novel.every day aftter that was filled with ether reading or writing steam punk. I would be happy to help any steam punk loving nerdfighters out in any way I can. But I have to be able…"
Oct 21, 2011
Robert J. Shields Jr. replied to Nia D's discussion Any writers interested? in the group Writer Nerdfighters!
"Cool! =)  "
Oct 20, 2011
Nia D added 2 discussions to the group Writer Nerdfighters!
Oct 20, 2011

Profile Information

What Kind of Nerdfighter Are You?
The Band Nerd and Bookworm kind
About Me:
How does one describe themselves in a tiny box? It just can't encompass the entity that is the human being. But I'll do my best.
I read way too much, my room is on the verge of being a library there's so many books in there. I love music, I play percussion (which is the best section ever!!!!!) and I'm currently attempting to complete an undergrad in music. Therefore; band nerd for life.
I love old things, clothes, trinkets, photographs. I wish people still dressed in really fancy clothes all the time, like big hoop skirts in brocade fabric or flapper dresses.I know, it covers a lot of ground.
I really, really, really like clocks. I just think they're cool.
Harry Potter is also cool.
As is that musical by Starkidd.
A piece of advice;
Here is Mr. Moustache :{)
He's pretty cool too
Favorite Books, Movies, Music, and more
There's a lot but, as always, Harry Potter is epic win. I love Peter Pan too (but that sequel was just plain weird) as well as our loveable little boy genius Artimes Fowl. Absolutely anything by Tamora Pierce and Robin Mackinley. They both write such strong and inspirational female characters. The Princess Bride, The Book Thief and my current favorite, The Phantom Tollbooth are all great reads.

Movie wise... Anything by Tim Burton, Disney but like, classic Disney, Pixar, Hayo Miazaki, musicals like Singing in the Rain, (really, anything with Gene Kelly) are all awesome.

Music, music, music. I like a lot of things, currently I'm obsessed with Ministry of Magic, Skyway Flyer, Mike Lombardy. I love musicals; Rent, Hairspray, Beauty and the Beast, Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, Grease, The Lion King, Sweeney Todd, Wicked, Phantom of the Opera and of course AVPM and AVPS. I also love instrumental music, like from movies such as Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter, and Stardust. I love disney and Latin music like Fonseca and Juanes as well as French music like Coeur de Pirate and Stanislaus. I also like classical music, but the only thing I have so far is a bunch of Ney Rosaro percussion concertos. And my prof's cd...because I'm that much of a nerd

TV, definitely The Big Bang Theory, Glee and How I Met Your Mother. Also the web series The Guild is pretty awesome too
What's your favorite thing to put on your head?
Fuzzy toques! Because they are fuzzy and sometimes have fluffy pom poms
If you could do your happy dance with anyone who would it be with?
William Shakespeare
When did you start watching the Vlogbrothers?
Make up your own DFTBA initialism!
Don't Fight The Bumbling Argonauts

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At 8:53am on October 23, 2011, aj said…
hey i was wondering what instrument you play: )
At 11:04am on July 6, 2011, ZephyrDragon said…

Hey, sorry for the lack of a reply! I tried to distance myself from the internet while doing revision, which didn't completely work out, but meant I kind of neglected replying to your comment! =/

I hope your dancing went okay! And your ice-cream-shop interview! Haha! Editing the website doesn't really need much techy know-how! It's not a very good design of website and all you can edit is certain bits of text! I am interested in finding out how to do websites properly though, so I'm hoping I'll get to do some of that at uni!

OH MY GOSH YOUR SCHOOL HAS A QUIDDITCH TEAM!! I'm rather jealous - I've only heard of one university in Britain that has a Quidditch team, but I'm hoping to try and encourage someone else to run one when I go to uni (I wouldn't want to run it myself!) =P

Anyway, I won't be able to reply your next comment for a while either because I'm going away on Friday (to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter Theme Park!! I'm super excited!!) for two weeks! Hope you're enjoying your summer! =D

At 6:52am on July 6, 2011, Norman (Trey) King Franklin III said…
Hey, What is your email? So I can email you the paper.
At 8:39am on June 28, 2011, Erica Harr said…

Hello, thanks for adding me! After the moustache cups I knew you had to be pretty awesome! I know I love reading too! :)

At 12:16pm on June 11, 2011, ZephyrDragon said…

Wow, greek dance sounds interesting! I tried dancing (ballet/tap/modern) at one point, but it really doesn't work for me - I could never keep up with the music/other people! =P

I'd love to work in a bookshop! That would be awesome! Good luck!

I used to swim (as in training) with a local club (without competing), but I gave that up last year because I really wasn't eenjoying it anymore. I do quite a lot to do with my church - helping with various events, and I also 'run' (as in, edit occasionally!) the website. I have a job, but I work from home (I check names and addresses from a database for a company) which is really useful because I can do it when I like, pretty much!

I don't really do much apart from that! =P Another thing I'm really looking forward to at uni is joining all sorts of societies - it sounds like a lot of fun! =D

At 4:15pm on May 29, 2011, ZephyrDragon said…

Hey, it's me taking ages to reply again! Sorry! *waves*

The course I've applied for (a BSc if that means anything to you) is three years not including the year in industry, but if I do well enough and if I want to I could stay on for an extra year after that to get a masters (MSc) instead. The extra work yoou have to do for that is more research-y though and at the moment I don't think I'd enjoy that very much!

York is about 3-4 hours drive away from where I live, and possibly longer by train. Did you not move away to go to uni?

Yeah, I sing in my church choir, and I sang in my school choir when I was there. There are only about eight of us in the church choir, but we muddle through and our 'choir mistress' is actually a professional opera singer so she's scarily good! I'm not sure what kind of choir we'd be classified as, but we sing a lot of John Rutter pieces (He composed the piece thechoir at the Royal Wedding sang while they were signing the register, if you saw that!)! In school choir I think we did a bit of everything - ABBA, gospel songs, stuff in Latin, stuff in French, musicals like Les Miserables, Christmas carols, Queen... In the end it got so big we had to split into two! =P What kind of things have you sung? And what do you sing in a jazz choir (I think jazz and I think of Scott Joplin and The Entertainer... =L)

Oh, and I saw the film of Scott Pilgrim the other day! I loved it - the way they make it comic-book-like is awesome!! XD And I'm terribly sorry for the length of this comment... I seem to have got a bit carried away! XD

What else do you do outside music? =)

At 1:23pm on May 9, 2011, ZephyrDragon said…

Hey, sorry it's taken me so long to reply!

I don't really know yet what I want to do as a career - my idea is that at uni I'll get to try lots of stuff and then I can see what I like/don't like and decide after that! Also, the course I've applied for includes a year in industry between the second and final years so I'll get to experience a real job AND get paid a proper salary before I have to find a proper graduate job. And of course the company I work with for that year might like me so much the offer to sponsor me through my final year and give me a job when I'm done! XD

I decided which uni to put as my firm choice by the way - I'm going to York (hopefully!) which is quite far away from my parents, but I didn't want to be that close!

Music is cool - my mum and sister both play the piano and my sister is going to do a music technology A level next year (she's 15, nearly 16) - my mum tried to teach me piano, and I had clarinet lessons for a couple of years, but I prefer to sing! =D

At 6:23am on April 13, 2011, ZephyrDragon said…

I meant I have read Brisngr, I just haven't read it again since I was given it! =P

Hmm... most of my books are paperbacks. Of Harry Potter I only have 1-3 in paperback though, but there is no question about those coming with me! XD I'm trying to get to bed earlier and read before I go to sleep (apparently coming straight off the computer and trying to sleep is bad for you and I do that all the time!) so I'll hopefully continue with that at uni!

I'm going to study Computer Science, and I need to make up my mind which of 3 unis to put as my firm and insurance choices =/ But at all three the course is pretty much the same and looks really exciting (to me anyway!) and I can't wait to go! XD

What are you studying?

At 11:17am on April 10, 2011, ZephyrDragon said…

The first book in the Darkweaver series is called 'The Forging of the Sword', but I doubt you'll find it - I think they might only be published in the UK =( Here's his website though if you wanted to take a look =D

I know what you mean about IC - I got Brisngr for Christmas last year (as in 2009) and I don't think I've read my copy yet! I need motivation to read it!

Wow! I've read four books this year I think - The Little White Horse and the Tales of the Otori main trilogy! I think I'll try and (re)read all the books on my bookshelf before I go off to uni in September 'cause I won't be able to take many with me (counting them now - 112!) XD

At 8:16am on April 7, 2011, ZephyrDragon said…

FIND! XD (Had to say it!)

The Tales of the Otori are awesome, but don't seem to be that well known =( I got the trilogy plus the prequel and sequel for Christmas =) The Darkweaver series is even less well known - I only heard about it 'cause the author (Mark Robson) came to my school, but I really like it - it's set in a kind of medieval world where magic exists but is banned - I suppose a little bit like the Inheritance Cycle, but without the dragons and the evil ruler! XD

I mainly read series I think, although I really hate it when a series goes on forever - I tried to get into manga, but the sheer amount of books you need to get a decent way into the story put me off! =L The only book I can think of that I would class as a favourite that isn't a series would be The Little White Horse by Elizabeth Goudge (recommended by JK Rowling! =D) which is beautiful.

100 books in a year? I think I might try that - I need to get back into reading! XD

(By the way, sorry I haven't replied sooner - I'm sure I didn't get an email about your comment!)


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